The Weekly Progress: Not Much Better Edition

The Weekly Progress is a type of wrap up post that happens every Sunday on The Sirenic Codex looking on the week that was.

Last week was as busy as I thought it would be. I'm glad it's over, and now I can appreciate how awful this week is going to be. I hate the end of the year, when all the teachers remember they have to mark us and give out big assignments all at once. Sigh. But, summer is almost here, and I'm almost done high school!

Books Read

Yeah, I wasn't too impressive this week. When I did get free time I just wanted to think about nothing and let my brain relax. 

Currently Reading

About a third of the way through, and I'm enjoying it so far. Getting back to paranormal feels right, y'know? This one is light, but holding my interest well. 

On the Blog

I'm trying not to feel like a crappy blogger for missing yesterday's post. We had stuff to post, but they needed editing, and I was somewhere without a computer and Mari's laptop has some issues on top of all the schoolwork so we really haven't been on top of our posts. 

So, this week started with us discussing the If I Stay Trailer.

Mari's WoW pick is The Queen of Tearling, which I hope is very good! It looks fun, anyway. 

I posted my review for Crown of Midnight.

It was a second-chance read, and speaking of second chance reads, we did a discussion on those

The good news is that I wrote a lot of posts last week. Somehow, writing calmed me down a little and I ended up writing a bunch of long stuff. I'll try to read Storm fast to get another review in there too! Anyway, next week and the week after are much more organized in terms of posts ready. 

The Week That Was

A rather forgettable week. I finished my French summative, and I'm also done the awful philosophy essay. That leaves me with math test, math summative, philosophy summative, and I think some accounting homework. Boo. Oh, and I think I'm going prom dress shopping tomorrow but that may be postponed because my mom isn't feeling well. I really hate when parents get sick. I try to be comforting but I'm not really sure what to do. 

Song of the Week

I haven't been in the mood for music. The only new song I "discovered" this week was this one. I think it's a little funky, and I love the beat. Vocals aren't bad either. It just has some nice vibes, which is what you need sometimes, right?

Hope you guys have a great week!


  1. I hope you guys are done with all the end of year school work and can have some time to relax and read soon!
    And ladies, you need to share your prom dresses when you buy them! ;)

    1. Absolutely! I really miss reading. I know Mari bought her prom dress but I'm cutting it very close and going shopping this weekend. I'll definitely post a pic- maybe even a prom pick if I'm feeling edgy. I'm planning some kind of post about life and stuff after graduation, so it will probably be there!



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