Discussion: Books in College

A discussion with P.E. and Mari.

P.E.: I watch so much tv nowadays. More than I ever used to. I would say this is common for most college students, if the number of yaks praising Netflix are accurate. What would you say Mari?

MARI: #NETFLIXISLIFE and I understand why. With all the textbook reading it's no wonder there are not many braincells left that are willing to read; even for fun. Netflix kicks in at this point and offers fun without the use of brain. Nevertheless, I'm always pleasantly surprised on my bus rides to school where I see a great many people reading, digitally or using a hard copy book. Readers are a small community and we always go back to reading despite pit stops on Netflix and youtube.  On the other side of the spectrum, there are many more college students who have never picked up a book for fun and so to me that explains the yaks.
Gimme Netflix

P.E.: I think the fact that my commute is walking kills my time to read, because now I'm constantly going from campus to rez. And c'mon, these are college students. Have some faith. For me, it's really like you said. I  just read seventy pages of political science readings. I can't look at another word on the page. I can't. I need my brain to shut down. 

I'm starting to miss books though, like you said, to the point where I'm considering trying just ten minutes before bed. Having that other world to be excited about is so important for who I am. 

MARI: On the bright side, I don't think it's all sadness and dying kittens (I like puppies). People find other passions in university. I wouldn't pick up an economics book if you were to hit me over the head with one before I took economics. But now I find that I am fascinated with the subject and would appreciate reading more about it.

Similarly, I think you've come to find some academic reads that you enjoy. As long as your reading, I don't think it matters what your reading.

P.E.: You are seriously missing out. I did like 1/4 of a unit on monetary relations and now I feel like the shit when I read an article about currency and what that means for exports/imports/capital controls/interest rates and stuff. It's one of those things that is so easily applicable to day-to-day life. /end of P.E.'s economics love rant

And I disagree. Academic reading is different. I never realized how stylistically dry it was until I read an academic text that had metaphors and imagery and fun word play. Goddamn it academia, make your writing more interesting! I think fictional books that you pick for yourself are just so nice. School is making them novel, like little treats too, and I'm so psyched for next week when I get back home and raid the library.

Mari: Rein it in there buddy. My experiences have not been so terrible and I read books to procrastinate still :) I have experienced only two super dry textbook and those were both university custom edition. Overall, I understand others' struggle. I'll keep you in my mind when I go back to reading Mortal Heart by Robin Lafevers! (It's so good!)

Has College put a damper on your reading? 
and most importantly 
What, if anything, are you reading?


What do you think?