Life of Blogger: Routines

This is a wonderful meme type post hosted by Jessi @ Novel Heartbeat. Basically, there is a topic pertaining to the blogger every Thursday. This way we can all get to know the person behind the blog.

This is what I've been waiting for. In the morning I get awoken by my personal assistant, who then places my silk slippers on the ground before me.... Hehe, ya no. My life is quite boring and un-luxurious.

  • University by 11am
  • Back to back classes until 4 or 7 depending on the day.
  • Nerding out on the internet because I'm deprived at home.
  • Not writing reviews like I should be.
  • Not listening to the Prof like I should be (right now).
  • Butting people in the line to the bus. 
  • Forcefully stuffing myself inside buses that are already at full capacity. 
  • Calling home to have them open the door because I'm 5 and hate looking for my keys.
  • Because I'm such a model student, studying only when exam starts to loom over my head.

BEWARE: children don't follow my example and adults, I'm a surprisingly good student despite what you've see.


Hmm, my life at home vs at school is different. At home, I do whatever I want whenever because I'm only there on vacations. I'll share what I do at school.

  • alarm clock rings. I press snooze. 
  • alarm clock rings again. Snooze.
  • alarm clock rings again. Snooze. 
  • *etc etc until I turn off the alarm clock
  • suddenly, wake up terrified I am late. Now, I try to wake up (aka, have my first alarm ring) around 8:45am most days (except for Tuesdays where I have to wake up at 6:45) and this is mitigated by the fact that I usually sleep from midnight to 1 am, or 2 am if I'm restless. College life, eh?
  • shower
  • next, I try to get some work done for my upcoming classes. Some days, like Wednesday, this is literally all I do because my class is recorded and thus I feel no compulsion to climb a hill to one of the furthest buildings on campus. 
  • most days, I eventually have class and go to that. I also end up getting a meal-to-go sandwich from the caf around then. 
  • come home, relax a bit and get back to work. But first, I usually try to watch tv or more recently, an episode of The Daily Show. 
  • more work
  • Eventually, I eat dinner. If I'm feeling overwhelmed, I eat alone. Otherwise, dinner with a friend.
  • somehow, hockey relaxes me so I watch games on TV if there is one. Otherwise, more work. 

I feel like I should put an asterisk to work because my productivity is not always the highest, and at every point in the day, it should be noted that I am on Twitter or reading articles, except during class because I'm super focused on there. 

I know my schedule seems boring, and a lot of the time it is, but I generally like my classes. Dinners are fun too, and on the weekends that I'm not busy, I'll end up going somewhere. My schedule is kinda rough right now because I had a two week period where I was busy all weekend, and then I had the flu and missed a week's worth of lectures and readings. I've been in catch-up mode every since... 

What are your choices?


What do you think?