Best of Saturday (5)

Best of Saturday is a feature on The Sirenic Codex about highlighting YA blog posts. It's a way to showcase the best of the blogger community.  Remember, post other people's awesome posts. The point of BoS is to share the blogger love!

Mari's BoS

This one is a nicely written and explained discussion about the topic of predictability in books. I've experienced it, you have also probably experienced it. Here Nara @ Looking for Panacea talks about it and recommends some books she feels aren't predictable!


We've been doing BoS for about a month now with varying degrees of success (as in, not many people seem to be participating). I've decided to simplify the meme a little bit. We'll be removing the first linky, the one where you can write a post about why you enjoyed a post, and leaving the second one around. That means all you need to do now is link a post you like. 

What awesome posts have you encountered this week?


What do you think?