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Relationship are a basis of life. We all have them. We are born into them; some we make, others we destroy. Either way, life isn't really life without them. But just as there are different ways of making relationships, there are also different types of relationships. Romantic, friendly, family, sibling, acquaintance etc. 

A rising pattern in YA when it comes to relationships, is romance as we have come to know through P.E.'s awesome The Rule of Romance in YA experiment. The post got me thinking about how there are probably more and more readers out there who feel as P.E. does; that there should be books that focus on other relationships too. I know I, myself, am starting to crave something more from my books.

But the thing is, these book are out and about, waiting to be picked up and appreciated. You just have to branch out and try new things (cough P.E. and contemporary). Therefore, this is a response to P.E,'s original post shining light on some books that feature more than just a romance and bring forth some of the more beautiful and special relationships in life. Because believe it or not, LOVE is more common and strong when it isn't just the romantic kind.

If I Lie - Corrine Jackon

This one features little to no romance but it still had my eyes glued on to its pages because of its suspenseful plot but also because of the intricate relationships the author wove into the story.

This book features one of my favourite relationships; it is between the main character and an old army veteran at the retirement home she volunteers at. The relationship was pure friendship at its core. It was honest and beautiful and you could really tell that despite the age difference, these two characters have come to care and understand each other.

A Great and Terrible Beauty - Libba Bray

This series is incredible for many reasons and one of them is the relationship between the MC and her three best friends. This one is so hard to explain, a band of girl who start of disliking each other eventually come to find comfort and friendship in each other. But it's not all roses and sunshine in their relationship.  This book really explores the ups and down of friendship, jealousy, love and hate. Girls are really complicated, everything from out feelings to our relationships are complicated and that is really hard to capture with words but Ms.Bray does it magnificently.

Wither - Lauren DeStefano

This one is an unconventional one, also not very common especially in YA. It is a relationship between sister wives. Yes, weird, but DeStefano knows how to spin a story and her character's relationships. One of the prominent things that stood out to me from this series was the relationship between Rhine, Cecily, Jenna and even Rose. It was so different but at the heart of it all, they were a group of young girls placed in a unimaginable situation and they connected and learned to care about each other, deeply.

Second Chance Summer - Morgan Matson

This book contains one of my favourite and most memorable relationships; one between a daughter and her father. It's one that we don't see much of in YA with all the "busy parents", but you get a full dose of it in this book. My relationship with my dad is quite different from Taylor's but that didn't keep me from relating to her, it felt like it was my dad. Like it was my life. It's a heart wrenching read but the relationships in it are unmatched. It was beautiful and heart breaking as life is.

Here is a review I read that really pulled at my heartstrings and shows the magnificence of this book. Beware it does contain some spoilers.

So there you have it, some fantastic relationships that are non-romantic. Just as the saying goes, "all great things come to those who wait" (or looks!) these great relationships are hard to find but look hard enough and you will find these hidden gems!



  1. Funny enough, the sister-wife friendships were our favorite part of WITHER too. And to your point, the non-romantic relationships are usually what excite us more than the romantic ones. Another example: The relationships between the Raven Boys versus the romance between Blue and Gansey.

    1. I know right? It's unusual and you wouldn't expect yourself to like it but it's hard to miss that at it's core it's just another relationship between a group of girls.

      Romantic relationships are exciting but books that feature strong non-romantic relationships are memorable. Also, it's funny that you mentioned the Raven Boys. P.E.'s been on my case because of that book.


  2. I always love female friendships in YA-I feel they're so rare sometimes that I often make that a central focus of my review, just to praise the author for bringing that to life. I also adore sister-sister relationships due to my relationship with my sister, my only sibling.

    1. Exactly, there is so much more to relationships than just romance and it's really exciting when an author add it's to their book.



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