The Weekly Progress: Holidays

The Weekly Progress is a type of wrap up post that happens every Sunday on The Sirenic Codex looking on the week that was.

School is finally over! That means two weeks of fun! I plan to make the most of my holidays with lots of cookies and chocolate. I want to be especially festive this year because, um, I don't know where I'll be next year, so I'm making the most out of today.

I didn't finish any books last week. I feel the shame.

Currently Reading

 In my defence, Speed of Light is a super hard read, in the sense that there's a lot of overwriting and not a lot of plot. So, I've been reading a little every day, but I don't seem to be making too much progress. 

Blog Recap

This week started off with Mari's Top 5 books of the year. Not gonna lie, I stole her idea and wrote one of my own which is scheduled for a little later. 

Then, because it's the holidays, Mari and I teamed up for a Gift Guide for the Bookish.

Finally, I got to post my review of Shadow and Bone! The first in one of my new favourite series. 

The week ended with Connections and Expectations, a post from about three months ago that got lost in the shuffle. It's about how reading changes. 

The Week That Was

It started out with lots of stress because of tests and math projects. Then it ended with the beginning of the holidays, which was fun. So far, I've already gone shopping and went to a Christmas party yesterday, with a sleigh ride and elf village. The funniest part was seeing my cynical little sister ask way too many questions and watching the elves respond. 

Song of the Week

No way, a song with lyrics? A song that isn't part of EDM? Really? Well, I've never only liked one genre of music, and I love the vocals and the melody of this song. Plus, I promise I searched really hard for an electronic remix I liked, but nothing quite got it right, and the original is pretty spectacular. I still want an Alesso remix of this though. Counting Stars by One Republic. 

Happy Holidays!



  1. Happy Holidays P.E.! I hope you and Mari will have a great time and more time to read with the holidays!

    1. Thank you Pili! Have a great holiday as well! :)



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