A Love for Fantasy: This is Sparta!

There are many genres to choose from. With every supernatural or genre craze that has entered YA there has been an explosion of new books. I've read about vampires, werewolves, angels, zombies, cyborgs, and most recently, assassins.

I've enjoyed all of them in certain books. But some things that has been standing out is my increasing love for assassins who usually show up in high fantasy reads. Is it assassins I love or high fantasy? It really depends on the book. But high fantasy has definitely risen as my absolute favourite genre.

Why do I love high fantasy? Easy. First, let's get to know me a little bit. 

I’m a history nerd. 

  • Preferably ancient history, but anything past the Renaissance to the Edwardian era is good too.

Fantasy tends to be set in these alternate history settings. They may not always be on Earth, but they resemble a time in history.

I love diversity.

Fantasy quenches this thirst. There are fantasies that capture the essence of many cultures, either by being set there or featuring diverse characters.

I also love action. 

  • I really don't mind the guns though now that I think about it, there aren't many guns in YA (hmmm). Any who, I love swordplay, though I don't think I actually follow the actions properly; I just imagine some epic fighting. 

Strong female characters! 

  • There was a time in fantasy when the female role was to be a damsel in distress, but the 21st century has shed a new light on females in fantasy and I love it. They are sassy, sexy and damn strong; corsets and swords all the way.

    Lets talk about chivalrous knights! 

    • Fantasy has introduced me to some of the most broodingly hot and chivalrous male heroes around. Want me to list ’em? 
    1. Po (Graceling)
    2. Chaol (Throne of Glass)
    3. Robin Hood (Scarlet)
    4. Gavriel Duval (Grave Mercy)
    The list goes on!

    Fantasy is a very rich genre. It’s rich of many things: characters, world, action, plot and writing. Obviously it depends on the book and the authors work, but at this point it’s kind of hard to have a fantasy book disappoint me. I read to escape and enjoy myself. I want to be enveloped in a completely different world, be thrust into situations I would never be faced with in life and live. Fantasy does this for me and so I can't help but adore it!

    I Love Fantasy!




    1. I love this post if only for all the 300 GIFs!! I so loved that movie!
      I'm not the biggest fan of Fantasy, but I do like the genre, since some of my fave books from last year, like Crown of Midnight!

      1. Haha, same! I watched it in my ancient history class last year and it made my life so I couldn't not incorporate it to a post :) And Crown of Midnight was awesome!



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