The Weekly Progress: Back to School Edition

The Weekly Progress is a type of wrap up post that happens every Sunday on The Sirenic Codex looking on the week that was.

It's Sunday, and tomorrow school starts, and I just can't I'm going to do my best to make the most of the rest of January. Right around now, I truly regret slacking off. Where did my two weeks of holiday go?


I'm a little embarrassed, because this one was a DNF so it's not like I really read it. I stopped this book because it had a dull plot, with dull characters, and the premise (voodoo!) was dishonoured by being white washed. I regret not checking out Goodreads reviews before I picked up this book. 

Currently Reading

For school. I like it way better the second time around. I'm supposed to link it to another media text, and in my head, the similarities to Mean Girls are astonishing. 

Blog Recap

On Monday, there was a review of Steel Lily by me!

Next, we had a wrap up for Cover Wars 2013. This Tuesday will feature two brand new covers, and trust me, they're gorgeous. 

Mari and I wrote together about our New Year's Resolutions. This is actually the second post we wrote for New Year's. The first one was awful and long and boring, so we scrapped it. 

Mari then wrote a post about diversity in YA, with lots of K-Pop gifs. 

Next, we had a discussion post about swearing with some great comments from you guys. 

We concluded with my post on what really matters to me: stories. 

Overall, a very heavy discussion oriented week. Next week looks a little lighter, with some more reviews. 

The Week That Was

I don't even remember what happened. The days kind of merged together, and I have no idea where the time went. We had some kind of dinner party on New Year which wasn't as bad as I was thinking it would be. Since then, my mom hasn't cooked because we literally have enough food to last two weeks, and that's with some of the food she threw out. Also, it's the holidays so I've been eating way too many M&Ms and I've done no school work. 

What I did do was catch up on The Originals! That show has been so much better than TVD this season, and I love it! Rebecca is the best, and Elijah is adorable. I even sometimes like Marcel, and Hailey! I'm hoping to see more on Davina and Josh's relationship. I feel like they're the most normal people, and their friendship is too cute. 

Song of the Week

This was kind of hard, because I didn't really listen to music. I found two tracks that I considered, but I pick this one just because it was a little easier to get into. Fun melody, and I like the vocals. I'm not sure if I'm sold with the combo though. Perhaps it will be one of those songs that grows on you? 

Hope you guys enjoyed your holidays!


  1. I had 4 days off and although I did some reading, not as much as I would have wanted! Too many books, too little time!

    1. That could summarize every bookworm ever's life... ;)


  2. I wrote this long post.. then my cat decided to get on the table.. I went to yell at him and boom comment gone. Anyways... I read 1984 a long time ago and thought it was a neat book. ( I just looked at my review for it and had to laugh outloud. It's from when I first started blogging so it's really short. Holidays always make me cook way too much food and half the time I throw it out. I always feel bad about doing that!!! AYE!!

    1. Aw, that happens. I'm sure it was an amazing post. :)

      I love looking back at my reviews. I'm always like, people actually read this stuff? I don't really cook much so I haven't had to deal with cooking too much yet :p



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