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The Star Thief

February 4, 2014
She might only be twenty-three, but Renna Carrizal is the most notorious thief in the galaxy. There’s just one problem – all she wants is to get the frak out of the business. 

But when Renna rescues an injured boy from the warehouse she’s casing, she finds herself on the run from the mob instead of enjoying retirement on a garden world. Turns out, the kid was a plant to lead her to MYTH, a top-secret galactic protection agency. 

MYTH needs Renna’s special skills, and they make her an offer she can’t refuse – unless she'd like to spend the rest of her life on a prison ship. To make sure she does her job they shackle her with a MYTH watchdog, the handsome but arrogant Captain Finn. 

A former mercenary-turned-galactic-hero, Finn happens to have his own dirty secrets. Secrets that Renna wouldn’t mind uncovering for herself. Together, they discover an experiment to develop illegal cybernetics that will create an unstoppable army. The intended target? The human star fleet. 

Now Renna must use her skills as the Star Thief to pull off the biggest job of her career – saving the galaxy. And herself.

This one is completely stolen from Pili @ In Love With Handmade's waiting on wednesday from last week. It really stood out to me because it's the kind of story I've always imagined and wanted to read. It combines some of my favourite things: sci-fi, thieves, deception, top-secret agencies (even better when they are galactic) All in all, this one looks like it's load with fun! Can't wait to read it.

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  1. Woooot! I seriously love this cover! And I'm quite excited that we'll have the whole trilogy out this year!

    1. Even better! I can't wait to read them all.


  2. Oh my gosh! This sounds freaking amazing (and the cover's gorgeous) ! I love all books with thieves and the sci-fi aspect makes it that much more appealing :) Nice pick.

    My WoW .
    Zareena @ Books and Books

    1. My thoughts exactly when I first saw this one. Same here, books with thieves etc. are super interesting to read.


  3. Eeeeh! This book doesn't really seem my style, but it does sound pretty good!


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