Spotlight: Epic Historical Action

I decided to bring back spotlights but revamp them a bit. Instead of focusing on one book, I'm going to do genre spotlights. I hope you enjoy.

This week were looking at Epic Historical Action. When I hear that phrase, I think of castles, spears, muscles and chariots.


Grave Mercy - Mistress of Rome

There are many, but these two are my favourite. Both are beastly in size and amazingness. They feature a strong cast of characters with independent female leads, lots of battles and a well researched history. I had no idea that Britanny was a place until I read Grave Mercy and now that I have I can see the small nation struggle as it is being overwelmed by larger and more powerful countries.


300: Brave, heroic warriors awaits you in 300.
Pompeii: Untouchable but loveable gladiators in Pompeii.
Troy: Hector!

TV Shows: 


This one is more like what I want to watch. I've been ogling this show for too long. It's right up my ally. I'm not too into the sex and gore but if that's what I have to beer with in order to enjoy the shows magnificence then I shall endure. Gladiators!!!

Any Epic Historical Recommendations?



  1. 300 is one of my favourite movies, but I'm not so sure about the sequel/prequel/thingy that's come out now...

    Great recommendations! I still have Grave Mercy and Mistress of Rome in my TBR list, hopefully I'll get to them soon-ish!

  2. Movie: Troy. It was a blockbuster flop but I can watch that movie over and over again. Also, Tom Cruise's The Last Samurai. Love, love.

    Books: Graceling Realms by Kristin Cashore and The Lumatere Chronicles by Melina Marchetta.


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