The Weekly Progress: Almost Spring?

The Weekly Progress is a type of wrap up post that happens every Sunday on The Sirenic Codex looking on the week that was.

It's been a pretty relaxing week. Spring isn't fully here yet, but outside the snow has melted at an astonishingly fast pace, and all in all, summer seems to be on its way. I did spend some time on the blog, so I'm pretty excited. 

Books Read

I didn't read too much, but this was a very good one. 

Currently Reading

I haven't started yet, but this is a review book. It arrived insanely fast too, so I'm really excited to getting to reading it!

On the Blog

I think we had a pretty good week. 

Mari picked Winterspell as her WoW, which seems very fairy tail-ish and I'm so excited for it.  

Next, I reviewed The Tyrant's Daughter, which was a really disappointing read for me, but I know many others have enjoyed it. 

Mari and I then teamed up to write about how we pick our next read

This week is probably exactly how I like to schedule a week: two reviews, two discussiony posts, two features, and TWP. I just wish I posted more positive reviews for you guys. 

The Week That Was

I'm home from seeing a really awesome play yesterday, and I think my week has been up and down, but better now. I started the week freaking out over multiple tests. I had a calculus test, and I did the international DELF test. I'm doing part two of the latter this week, where I'll go downtown and do an oral interview. It's a little scary, but I've studied French since fourth grade. I should have a decent command of the language by now, right?

Hockey season is ending today (at least for my team :( ) which means I'm about to go on a massive reading spree to get over the loss. Well, first I'll try to find a bandwagon team to cheer for in the playoffs, but mostly, I'll be reading. 

Song of the Week

I think I experienced a little bit of a music burnout because I didn't listen to many songs this week. That being said, this is one I really like. I heard it a while ago and I didn't know what it was called. So, when I "discovered" it again this week, I was very happy. It's Unleash by Adventure Club & David Solano ft. Zak Waters. 



  1. I started Knife a while back but couldn't get used to the writing style. It looks like you're having a bit more luck than I ever did.

    Have a lovely week, ladies!

    1. I think it picks up after a while, but it definitely is hard to read in the beginning.

      Thanks! You too!


  2. Hockey season ended for me too! I'm a Leafs fan so yeah. Kinda sucks but I think I'll be cheering for the Habs now. Gotta stick by my Canadians! What team do you cheer for? And good luck on your test! I've been doing French for a while now too but I still feel I know nothing!

    Have a good week!

    1. Sorry but I was pretty happy with your team's demise! I'm a Sens fan... We didn't have too much to cheer for this season. Crappy season for both teams.

      Lol I'm taking a completely different view- I'm cheering against the Habs. I think I'll cheer for San Jose or Chicago or Dallas and of course Tampa Bay. I think it depends on who does well.

      Thanks! I'm sure you know more than you think you do!

      And have a great week!


  3. I've been meaning to read Knife of NLG. I read his latest book and really enjoyed it!
    Jen @ YA Romantics


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