Cover Wars: Winterspell vs. Witch Fall

Cover Wars is a weekly showdown of two beautiful covers. The winner, as voted by you, goes on to face a new cover, and wins bragging rights. This is basically a fun way to discuss what we like in covers.

Kiss Kill Vanish fell last week to the rustic and vibrant cover of Witch Fall by Amber Argyle. This week, the champion is back to face the new competitor, Winterspell by Claire Legrand.

Battle of the magical covers! Both these covers have something mystical about them. Witch Fall captured hearts last week with it's classical take on witches. The cover also houses a very beautiful turquoise to yellow gradient. The additional pop from the model's coral dress and hair continues with a more summery theme.

Winterspell on the other hand, is cold as per it's title. The purple fog surrounds the cover as though enveloping the model as she holds her dagger a little to close to her neck. I find her pose really interesting as it resembles one of death. Death is also related to cold. Hmm. The typography of the title does really well with the iron gate in the background and the crow is another great allusion to winter. 

So, which'll it be? Let the Cover Wars begin!

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  1. I'm gonna go with Winterspell this week cause I'm super intrigued by the story, but both covers are equally gorgeous for me!


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