YA Obsession With Feet

I just had a sudden urge to clean up today, starting with my room, then my books and now my Goodreads tbr pile. The aforementioned to-be read pile has been suffering from a very common case of giantism for as long as I've had a Goodreads account. This isn't much of a surprise because I have a one click process when it comes to adding books to the list. This has resulted in some weird additions. Every now and then, I jump in and delete the books that I have but don't want to read. This time, I had a few interesting discoveries and they included covers of random body parts. Some pretty, others, not so much. I'll let you be the judge.

The Feet

I understand books with feet on their cover. I have nothing against feet, believe me, but they just don't make me think: I WANT TO READ THAT! Interestingly enough, I found three feet covers side by side.

Here are some more:

Feet on the cover seems to be a dead 2010-ish thing and I'm really happy that it's gone. I don't mind the first two covers and I focused more on the pretty fabric in The Lost Saints than the feet. Still, feet aren't the things people want to see on covers, especially if it's there for no reason.

I don't really understand the feet themed covers in the Dark Divine series. I read the whole series and last I checked they were about werewolves; not feet.

My favourite of the covers is Deb Caletti's Honey, Baby, Sweetheart. The feet are 'clothed' with shoes and they aren't the main focus of the cover unlike some of the other ones. It also makes sense. They are on a ride and she has her feet out the window during a beautiful sunny day. That screams fun summer read. I'm not sure which part of werewolf I was supposed to get from the blue chiffon fabric + extremely pale feet.

Overall, the feet covers seem to be a strictly contemporary thing and they aren't as common now but once a book is printed, it'll be around forever and so will these feet.

How Do You Feel About Feet On the Cover?


  1. Hmmm, I had no idea there were so many covers with feet on them! I actually don't have a problem with feet on book covers and some of the ones you have featured there I think are great, like Becoming Chloe and One Moment...

  2. Haha, funny, we didn't notice them until you put all the covers together like that... So we suppose they don't bother us, although we'd maybe prefer not to see them all at once! :P

  3. I have to say, feet on covers aren't anything really attention grabbing. I suppose I don't feel strongly either way- I don't hate them, but I don't love them either. I do agree that the feet seem to have nothing to do with the actual stories, though haha


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