The Weekly Progress: Dorm Packing Edition

The Weekly Progress is a type of wrap up post that happens every Sunday at The Sirenic Codex looking on the week that was.

I was away for a lot of August to visit family. It was a nice break and just relaxing, especially since my family lives in a different sort of setting than me. I live in the city, although a residential area. They live in a residential area, but one with lots of space between houses and they have deer eating the flowers in their garden regularly. Plus, there's a lake in view, so it's much more natural than I'm used to. It's good to change things up once in a while.

Books Read

Okay, so I haven't been reading much recently. Here are the books I've read while I've been gone. 

Hasn't been all that many. I liked Stolen, didn't like Feuds, Torn Away made me cry and cry and cry and Cold Spell was good. Of the bunch, the one I  recommend most is Torn Away. Make sure to bring a box of tissues while reading it. 

Currently Reading

I've been reading this one for some time now. I'm getting worried I'll never end up finishing it, and that's an awful thought. It's just that both these books need to be returned to the library before I leave for university. In six days. *deep breaths*

On the Blog

Oh wow, so I have a lot to cover. Let's get at it!

So before starting college, Mari and I wrote a little about what high school was like for us. So if you're starting high school and are worried, or are looking to reminisce about your high school days, check this out. Bonus: prom picture!

While I've been gone, Mari has gone through two WoWs: Boneseeker (ooh creepy!), and The Mermaid's Pearl.

There are so many reviews so I'll list them: 

Mari also continued with #FridayReads and she's reading Biggest Flirt.

So if you've read Reality Boy, you will get this reference. If not, you don't need to read Reality Boy to get this post. Because these are my ransom demands.

The Week That Was

I got home and I've been taking care of things pertaining to moving away. I bought a laptop for university (and mostly for myself) and I'm currently in the honeymoon phase with it. I've kind of been figuring out money stuff too, which is really the suckiest part about school. Does anyone have any tips for that? Or how about university life in general? 

Song of the Week

There hasn't been that one song that has screamed to me that it deserves this title. I've listened to some Melbourne Bounce, and I don't like the pureness of the sound. I guess I like my music a lot more chaotic with many more melodies. So, as I always do when I'm looking for new awesome music, I checked out the latest from Protocol. And, here you have it, a song I've missed and that is pretty awesome. Saffron by Row Rocka, which is full of melodies, crescendos and these awesome little hints of Middle Eastern sounds, which fits the name perfectly. See, saffron is this reddish thing that comes from the middle of a certain flower, and it is expensive as heck, but having good saffron is one way to show your money. So, predictably, everything buys it and loves it anyway. 

I know I usually end with "Have a great week!" and I hope you guys do have one. But I need advice, so...

What are dorm essentials?



  1. Dorm packing, eh? I'm right there with you. I move in on Wednesday, August 27th, for my second year! I'm trying to narrow down the books I want to take lol. Good luck with the coming semester, ladies!

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

    1. Haha I'm hoping I can fit books in. I don't reread too much though, so I guess I'll see. I'm just hoping to find a really good library! & thanks, good luck to you too!



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