A Teacher's Impact: Back to School Book Blogger Challenge Day 3

I'm taking part in Parajunkee's Back to School Book Blogger Challenge. Check it out!

Day 3: Share your most memorable school memory.

This is very hard for me considering my life, thus far, has been ALL school. I still remember everything because the school reality still exists for me. I guess then that I'll try to pick one.

I'll pick the one that matters most to me, and obviously omit all names.

So it was during an era that wasn't the best for me. A lot was going on and I didn't trust people very much. At the same time, it's hard to reconcile what you want with who you are.

A teacher I liked told me to stay in after class. I wondered if I was in trouble, but I didn't know because this was one of the teachers I trust. And because I liked her, I tried to make every assignment I did shine. Anyway, she told me to stay in after class and just said some kind words about the type of student I was, and what I was looking to do in the future.

That's it. Maybe it's not the most exciting memory, but it's one that matters, because I really needed it. She was sweet and supportive and to be honest, I really didn't say much to her at the time, but to take time out of her day just to tell a student that they're capable of a lot meant so much.

It's a talk I've never forgotten, and it has truly impacted my life. Not all teachers realize how much of an impact they can have on a student's life, and she is one teacher I won't forget.



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