Cover Wars: Unspeakable vs. Made For You

Cover Wars is a weekly showdown of two beautiful covers. The winner, as voted by you, goes on to face a new cover, and wins bragging rights. This is basically a fun way to discuss what we like in covers.

Made For You came back victorious this week and as per the usual it's back for another round. This type versus Unspeakable by Abbie Rushton.

Fire, Earth, Water Wind. These two covers have a little bit of all. There is the peace of a nice walk in a green field while the other one is another type of calm; one of the deep blue.

Unspeakable has some unique qualities. I like the cut out silhouette  and the placement of the title is a nice use of space that manages to appeal tot he eyes as well work quite well with the ongoing green theme.

What do you think? As always, you have a week to vote. 


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What do you think?