Discussion: Different Tastes

A discussion between Mari and P.E.

Lets face it: we all have some very unique tastes. They were formed through years of experiences and they dictate how we feel about many things. Books are one of them. I find that most of my friends aren't too picky and I can easily recommend popular books to them and know that they will enjoy them. However, I'm not one of those people.  I don't take recommendations well because I'm a moody and a picky read and I think I've found my match in P.E. who is less picky, more moody and "little miss critical" coming straight from her french teachers mouth! 

That's preposterous. I have no recollection of being called that by my french teacher. Also, I thought I was more picky than Mari, but I think she's just irritated that I haven't enjoyed her recs as much as she enjoys mine (so far I've rec'd Hyperbole and a Half and Finnikin of the Rock).

Taste is possibly the biggest thing I've learned from blogging. Everything is so incredibly subjective. I can see a cover like Red Rising and absolutely drool over how pretty it is, and I'll show it to someone else and they won't be impressed. Furthermore, they'll show me some prototypical adult high fantasy cover and I'll think it's awful, and they'll call it a masterpiece. People like different things. Mari's right that I'm moody, because my appreciation of books sometimes depends on my surroundings. Although, I would argue that a truly good book can be enjoyed regardless of circumstances. (This is another plug for Red Rising because I was pretty much devastated because my favourite team collapsed again to their biggest rivals, I was cold, I wasn't home, and the food I ate sucked, and somehow this book made me forget all of that because it was so amazing.)

I'm not irritated... just a little sad because I can't share their epicness with you. There is a big feeling of excitement when your friend picks up a book you really loved and you kind of count down the time until they text you and affirm your feelings. When that text doesn't come it's kind of disappointing but that's ok. There are more books to make them read mwahaha. I shall win one day. 

I guess the thing about different tastes is that I don't see it as a competition. I want you to win. I want you to recommend me a book that I adore so I can fangirl about it with you. (You already know my thoughts on fangirling alone lol.) It's kind of beautiful that everyone can like different things, but it's so heartbreaking when you can't share something you truly enjoy with a friend. I guess that's why the internet exists- so you can always find somebody that understands your fandom. 


What do you think? Is it sometimes hard when you recommend a book and a friend doesn't like it? How do you deal with it?


  1. Love this discussion! And we totally get what you guys are talking about. There's a thrill in finding someone who feels the same way you do about a book, *especially* if you were the one who introduced them to it. But there can sometimes be disappointment or guilt if they *don't* love something you recommended... It's such a funny thing, because how boring would the world be if we all felt exactly the same way about everything? :P

  2. Agreed! Taste is such a personal thing!
    I like when I read similar reviews to books I've loved for a fellow blogger and end up loving the books she recommends, that means we can fangirl together (always muuuuuch better!!). But not everyone liking the same things is also what adds some spice to life!
    Some people love romance and contemporary, and I've never been a huge fan. In my case I adore sci-fi, dystopia, historical fiction and fantasy!


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