Cover Wars: Spark vs. Winterspell

Cover Wars is a weekly showdown of two beautiful covers. The winner, as voted by you, goes on to face a new cover, and wins bragging rights. This is basically a fun way to discuss what we like in covers.

Once again, Winterspell has risen as the victor. This week we have another gorgeous competitor, Spark by Rachael Craw.

Spark is quite different from Winterspell's previous competitors, it's much more simple but captivating all the same. The background of the book looks fantastic, with the mixture of blue and purple. It looks like a painting. The model in the centre has an interesting pose and the branches/electricity going down her back is a very interesting addition. The bright yellow title is just the right finishing tough to make this already stunning cover pop.

Winterspell is more classical in comparison, it's beautiful and foggy. It has a sense of delicacy that can be mirrored in the detailed patterns of Spark as well. Definitely a good match.

So, which'll it be? Let the Cover Wars begin!

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  1. Spark. Really like that one. :)

    1. It's quite different from the average YA cover, I think that makes it stand out even more.


  2. Although Spark is a very cool and different kind of cover, I'm gonna stick with Winterspell, I really love that cover!


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