Top 5: Book Trailers

I’m really a lazy person, I'm not sure how my hobby turned out to be reading which requires a lot of brain juice, but somehow it did and I’m not a lazy reader however this isn't the case my reading material is a synopsis.Yes I know most synopsis’ are only a couple of paragraphs long but my eyes start skimming and then they roll up and I’m out.

There is no background music, no slicing sound effects or popping images to get me excited. Of course most of the time the words are more than enough but periodically I’m in the mood for more. 

Enter book trailers. I do think that books have gotten the shorter end of the trailer budget but this isn’t a fact that extends to all books. There are some golden book trailers what got me reading or at least wanting to read.

The Clockwork Angel

This one obviously had one of the bigger budgets because of the popularity of the series and Cassandra Clare. I personally adore this trailer. Book trailer actors are not my favourite but this cast actually looked like Tessa, Will and Jem. I’m glad to see that they went through the the trouble of even colouring Jem’s hair grey. The music is fantastic, it’s exciting, gripping and goes really well with the words being spoken.

The 5th Wave

This one left me breathless in the end. Well made, great acting, awesome camera angles. It was like getting a real peak into the books pages.

Perfect Chemistry

This is one of the book trailers I’ve watched repeatedly over the last few years. It’s just hilarious. It’s funny, addicting and kind of an inside joke if you’ve read the book. This one drives the point that books aren’t movies, they don’t necessarily have to be presented the same way. This awesome music video idea is memorable and fun.

The Winners Curse

Of course not all books have the same budget and so there are many trailers without actors and scripts. I personally don’t feel that those are necessary; The Winner’s Curse has a fantastic trailer. It made me excited and desiring to read the book, which is the ultimate goal.

Where She Went

I had given up on If I Stay until I watched this trailer. BEWARE: this is a trailer of the second book in a series and it has SPOILERS.

I love Adam’s voice and lines; well said and written. It pulls at my heart strings and the images in the background do a great job at filling up the background and relating to the book.

What do you think about book trailers? Which is your favourite?



  1. I'm not usually a big fan of book trailers myself... but some are really good! I love the one for The Winner's Curse!

    1. I'm an on again off again book trailer fan. Most of the time I don't mind them. The Winner's Curse trailer is one of my favourites, it single handedly lead me to reading the book.



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