Collective Outlander, Library and Manga Book Haul

Outlander series #3-6
Outlander (#3-6) - Diana Gabaldon
So this happened. After my last book haul titled helpfully as A Very Scottish Book Haul, I think this was a given next step. I'm really enjoying this series and actually finished Book 2 last night so I'm dying to dive into Voyager and am glad to have the next few.

Curses and Smoke 
Curses and Smoke - Vicky Alvear Shecter
This ones a library book that I've been meaning to pick up. I love Ancient Rome and Volcanos and Gladiators!!!

I came by these two lovely addition to my bookshelf this week whilst at the library. My total shopping came down to a whooping $2.00 , I'm quite proud :)

Nana - Ai Yazawa 
I read Nana a couple of years ago, I never finished the series but the story has stayed with me and I loved the first volume. Also, Ai Yazawa is one of my favourite mangaka's, I adore her art. She is also the author of Paradise Kiss, another all time favourite.

Godchild - Kaori Yuki
This one was a on the spot pick. I've never heard of it before but the synopsis and art looks good. Should be fun.



  1. I have only the first two Outlander books and they're eBooks, but once I get my own place (hopefully soon! cross your fingers for me) I'm so gonna buy the whole collection in hardback!!

    1. Fingers crossed! Haha I love the way our house shopping has everything to do with the amount of room we have for book :) Omg I would love the series in hardback, my paperbacks are dying under the wait of my love for these books ;)


  2. I really want to continue with the Outlander series but am a bit intimidated by the page counts, lol. I hope to get at least Dragonfly in Amber read this year. Happy reading! :D

    1. My advice would be to think of all the awesome Jamie and Claire moments you'll get ;) I hope you do read Dragonfly in Amber, it was awesome.



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