Cover Wars: Champions of 2014 Edition

It is the end of 2014 which means that Cover Wars has gone through another successful year! And now, as we look back at the year that was, we should also remember all the amazing covers that managed to win a Cover Wars weekly vote. And here they are!

Gates of Thread and Stone won an insane seven times, and Winterspell won 5 times. The third place covers all tied with three wins. I've copy pasted the full tally if you're interested. 

Cover Wins

Gates of Thread and Stone 7
Winterspell 5
Heart of Betrayal 3
Tell Me You Love Me 3
They All Fall Down 3
The Heir 2
Crimson Bound 2
The Walls Around Us 2
Lois Lane: Fallout 2
Frostfire 2
A Thousand Pieces of You 2
Pointe  2
Sublime 2
Rogue Wave 1
Unspeakable 1
Made For You 1
This Shattered World  1
Witch Fall 1
Kiss Kill Vanish 1
Mortal Danger 1
Milayna 1
Everything Leads to You 1
Red Rising 1
Feather Bound 1
Some Quiet Place  1
Song of Blood and Stone 1

Congratulations to every cover that won a round, and this year was a phenomenal year in covers. That being said, 2015 is going to rock. Thanks for voting in Cover Wars everyone! And what was your favourite Cover Wars 2014 cover?



    And those two were two of my faves cover of 2014, so I'm super happy they're the Cover Wars champions!!

    1. Happy New Year Pili!!

      Thanks for voting! You sure helped these covers :)



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