Life of a Blogger: Goals and Dreams

This is a wonderful meme type post hosted by Jessi @ Novel Heartbeat. Basically, there is a topic pertaining to the blogger every Thursday. This way we can all get to know the person behind the blog.

Mari's Goals and Dreams

Yikes, if someone had asked me this a year ago I would've written them the world's longest essay. Now that I've caught a whiff of just how out of reach some of those dreams are, I've shrunk the list. Not that I've given up, but I think I'll take life one step at a time and try to enjoy.

For goals, beyond personal improvements which are always taking place, I have some academic ones. I'm in university for a commerce degree so I would really like to achieve that while maintaining a high average. And since we're already on the topic of business, I want more business clothes... They're just so pretty!

In the long terms my goals are to get a nice job that travels! I'm leaving it vague on purpose, you never know where you end up.

At this exact point in time, my one real dream is to travel. I want to see places but I don't want to go alone or don't have the guts to do it alone, just yet. I'm working on it.

Move to a bigger city would be a start. I love Ottawa but I want to also live in other places. The travelling job will help with this. Someplace in Europe would be nice or anywhere warm: Vancouver, LA etc.

Visit Scotland! Visit Russia! Visit Italy ahhhhh Yes. I want to travel and sight see.

P.E.'s Goals and Dreams

Academic goals notwithstanding, I think my goals have also simplified. I'm also in management so obviously I want to be employed after I graduate. I don't know about which field, so one goal is to figure out what I like and what I'm good at. 

Most of my goals are short term. Be a good person today. Be happy today, and tomorrow. Probably the biggest thing I'm trying to work on is productivity. I spend an inordinate amount of time doing nothing and although I've always gotten everything I need done on time, I want to learn about being more productive now. That means I'm trying to make effective routines for things like sleeping, laundry, food, and school work. 

I don't know if I have many dreams. Maybe paying off all my student loans? I've never been able to picture where I'll be in the future, so I've decided that the best way to get to somewhere I would want to be is to be where I want to be. That means that if I make the right choice now and am happy now, then I shouldn't need to worry about the future. In general, I want to be educated and open-minded; someone fair that has earned a lot of respect. 

This was pretty hard, how about you?


  1. Oddly enough, my goal right now is actually to stop working. So my husband and I have been working towards building that nest egg faster. Our goals are certainly on either ends of the career spectrum.

    1. P.E. and I haven't had enough of a dosage of the work force jut yet, once we do, I'm sure this'll change. :) Best of luck with your goal!


  2. Oohhh, traveling and being a good person -- both great goals!

    For us, most things are under wraps. (Granted, we're much farther along in life than you two. ;P) The big one is something that we all share: become published authors. We're working on it, we promise!

    1. Thank you :) I think that's a wonderful goal! Keep going at it. We're here to support you.


  3. I like both of your goals! It's important to stay focused..I've seen a lot of goals posts lately and I feel inspired to make one too. I have a TON of personal goals…blogging goals are smaller. :D

    -Diamond @ Dee's Reads


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