Mari's Top 2014 Reads

And my late 2014 loving continues. As mentioned in past posts, I read 39 books in 2014 (including textbooks hehe). Now I've pinned down my absolute favourites. Here goes.

Yes, I read this one at the end of the year but it blew my mind. Blew it all the way to Scotland, through Craigh Na Dun and pushed it back a few hundred years into the 17th century. Followed closely by a rainy horseback ride (on Donas) right into Jamie Fraser's heart. I'm serious.

Mistress of Rome (Review)
 GLADIATORRRSSSS. (This posts might soon turn into gibberish because of my undying lust for all these books.) This book totally fed my Ancient Rome and romantic gladiator craving. Only problem is I need more always more and good thing because there are sequels! More like companions but I'll be checking them out.

Isla and the Happily Ever After (Review)
I'm glad that I stayed away from the reviews about this one because it seems the story didn't wow some people and as a person who can get put off a book by negative reviews I tread carefully. This book was like magic for me, I want to say that it was even better than Anna but I can't quite bring myself because I feel like I'm not a good judge especially since my memory of Isla is fresh while Anna's has become vague with the passage of time. It doesn't matter which is "better", the most important thing is that they are both so fantastic and after the Lola (not my favourite) I'm glad to see a beautiful ending to this amazing series.  

Prisoner of Night and Fog (Review)
I was instantly hooked by the synopsis of this one, I loved the idea but as a cautious reader I was horrified of disappointment. I shouldn't have been. Blankman surpassed each and every one of my expectations, I just wish there was more. Glad to hear there is a sequel but for those who aren't too keen on starting yet another series, I would say this one can stand alone quite well. Read the sequel or don't, but don't miss this one.

Heir of Fire (Review)
I don't know how I loved a book with so little Chaol and Celeana scenes but omg I did, I loved it all. I especially loved the new characters Rowan and Aedion. This series has tell tale signs of remaining on my eternal favourites list. P.E. needs to continue this series... please pressure her :)

Take Me On (Review)
There are two contemporaries on this list and they couldn't be more different from each other. Take Me On is one of my favourite types of stories-- it surrounds athletes! Especially MMA. It's amazing to see a girl who can hold her own in a fight but the story also explores the fact that just because she can fight doesn't mean that she doesn't need people to love and defend her. The family aspect of the story was on point. McGarry's best thus far, IMO.

Cruel Beauty and The Winner's Curse (R&R)
These guys definitely deserve singular recognition but for the sake of time we're going to adore them together. These two were definitely standouts in the new fantasy reads of 2014 category. I loved how unique each story was. The authors have created fantastic new worlds in each book but the highlights for me were the witty and smart characters. The females were strong, courageous and tenacious, I loved them. I'm sure we'll be hearing great things about these two series in the years to come.

So many good books!



  1. We loved HEIR OF FIRE too! And ISLA was really good, although not our fave by Steph Perkins.

    1. Hard to choose with those Perkins books but as long as you enjoyed them, I think she has done her job right. :)



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