Mari's 2014 Reading Round Up: Challenge Fail!

So the Goodreads challenge started somewhere along the lines of 50 books. Sometime midway through the year that number shrunk to 40 and on December 31... to 39. Cuz I refuse to fail! But who am I kidding, I lost that thing.

Number Read

39 books. A little on the low side but it's just a number and doesn't encompass the joy I got from all these books this year and the amount of time spent enjoying each one.

Largest Book

The sheer beauty of Dragonfly in Amber. What a fantastic trek. Glad to say, I didn't notice the whooping 950ish pages. They whizzed by and I miss them.

Diverse Reads

I define this as books that contained diverse settings and people of different cultures and geographical backgrounds.

Scotland!! I loved seeing Gaelic on the pages. There is nothing better than seeing another cultures language on the pages, foreign but real and beautiful.  In the first two books we got a whiff of1700s living in Scotland, England and France.

I Hunt Killers 
Connie is a sexy and strong black character. I loved the relationship that was between the protagonist and Connie. In a tiny racist town, the son of a convicted serial killer and an African American beauty stand tall against peoples prejudices, an awesome sight.

Isla and the Happily Ever After
School in Paris, home in NYC, son of Senator, Daughter of hipsters, ex-girlfriend of indian heritage. I adore this friend group.

Prisoner of Smoke and Fog
I adored the clash of cultures, prejudice and reality of being Jewish vs. Nazi. Also, great representation of Nazi life, 1940's time period and mental illnesses like psychosis.

Thanks for Reading! 



  1. Quality over quantity is what my teachers always tell me :) I'm glad you enjoyed your 2014 reads even if you didn't read as many as you wanted. I also read the first Outlander book last year and really loved it! And The Winner's Curse :D I have a feeling my 2015 is going to be pretty low for books read but we'll see. Good luck for the new year!

    1. I'm coming to terms with the number of books I've been reading. And I agree, numbers really don't matter. I hope you have a wonderful reading year.


  2. Whatever you read and you enjoy is a good number Mari! I still need to read Dragonfly in Amber and 950 pages should count for more than one book! ;)

    1. Haha tell me about it. Voyager is 1060! I'm a little overly excited as I've always wanted to say that I read a 1000 pager. I hope you finish Dragonfly soon it was amazing as should be expected :)



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