Mari's New Years Resolution 2015

A new year is upon us and although I've never been the type to like new years resolutions my sleep deprived mind thinks i should give it a try this year.

Run down of last year's resolution:

  1. Stick to my goals.
  2. Be more involved in the blogosphere.
  3. Read over 50 books.
  4. Write better quality posts.
  5. Continue the post a day streak.
  6. Be more social media friendly.
Did I stick to my goals? Well, I would say yes for the most part but there is always room to improve. Maybe if my goals were always in front of me I would've remembered and abided by them but that's something I'll keep in mind for this year. 

I'm a shy person for the most part, I can be very crazy and outgoing with my friends but outside that I am very introverted, so for me to get too involved socially is a big thing. Nevertheless, I made baby steps this year, with the help of P.E. and twitter. My way of getting involved in the blogosphere was mostly tackled by discussion posts and responses to current events in the blogosphere. For example, Kathleen Hale and Seeking Diversity (1, 23 ). I plan to keep this up for 2015 but also try and read more posts and comment more; they are so important. 

So... I was supposed to read 50 then it went down to 40 and at the last minute, 39. I read 39 books. Am I sad, a little. But I really appreciated the variety of books I read this year. The largest book I read was over 950 pages, I tries some adult, some historical, some sci-fi. It's been a good year.

For the better part of the year we stuck to posting everyday but life has been hectic and we've been lazy. Also my only source of internet is at university so I'm sorry for being really quiet, I'll work on fixing this.

The biggest thing for 2014 on the social media front was P.E. and I finally launched our The Sirenic Codex Instagram page. Both P.E. and I love taking pictures and it's fun to share parts of our life with everyone through pictures.

Follow us
2014 was a good blog year for us. I love seeing all your beautiful comments on our posts. It does wonders to our confidence and need to continue reading a writing. You guys are the best. I especially want to thank those who have continuously come back to the TSC, read our posts and shown us so much love. You know who you are and your continuous support means the world.

On to 2015:

Finish the series (all the books that are out so far).
One of the highlights of my year in 2014 was discovering and falling in love with the Outlander Series. I'll be doing this in the background as I read other books since books 3 + are all over a thousand pages so they'll take a while. I'm also thinking of doing outlander discussions, let me know if anyone is up for that.

Read some business books beside my textbook. 
I'm in university for business and I've come to realize that the subject fascinates me. I think the next step for me in my reading journey is to broaden my scope and read non-fiction, get a real peak into whats up the road for me in the business world. I'm especially interested in books like How Google Works by Eric Schmidt.

Read diverse books.
I'm going to start ask myself to be more active in choosing books that represent a diverse audience. There have been many discussions on this topic on TSC, now I'm going to try and walk the walk. My goal is to be open and seek more diverse reads and hopefully shine a light on them on my yearly wrap up.

Now for some personal ones.

Go to a concert.
Yup, never been. I've never had a singer that I like so much that I would put forth the effort to see them live. 19 years old, I think it's time.

Visit P.E. in Montreal. Our trip to BEA is wobbly and uncertain but a parent free fun weekend with the blogger bud should feed my rebelliousness for the year :)

I'm going to stop before I get too ahead of myself. Happy New Year everyone. Wishing you and your families lots of love from the cold North.



  1. Outlander as a series is quite the commitment and I hope to get to read at least a pair more books in the series this year!
    And yes, concerts are the best! The energy of them!! You must attend one too, Mari!

    1. Haha Outlander is quite the Goliath but I feel like if I don't read them now then I never will. I've been addicted to the series since October might as well use that momentum :)


  2. Phew, those Outlander books are door-stoppers! You should get double or triple credit for those, haha.

    Good luck with your goals this year! FWIW, we've found that keeping a positive attitude is the most important thing. Try to view putting in the effort as its own important success. (Rather than only valuing results.)

    1. Haha definitely agree you got to love then and there size :)

      As for quality and quantity, I've noticed that about any challenge. Once you set a number some people (me) get really hung up on the number but there is much more. It's all fun.



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