TV Review: Suits (and other fun stuff!)

I was reading a horribly long, intensely dull piece about liberalism, when I realized I was falling asleep. I could not even pretend to think the writing was worth reading, and my body has realized that if it becomes sleepy, I stop doing undesirable acts. So, with that, I decided I needed a new TV show to watch. And after some Googling, I came across Suits.

And we fell in love and lived happily ever after.

Okay, no, I'm about midway through Season 2 as of the day I'm writing this. Suits has been my motivation for doing work. Suits has been my "shut up brain, don't think". I suppose some people use drugs for that (getting blackout drunk finally makes sense!) but I will always turn to distractions, and art is one of my favs. I mean, I've been book blogging for years now!

Now, no doubt, you have landed on this page expecting a review. Except, I regret to inform you, there is a problem with that. I have no interest in writing a review. You see, usually when I love something I can gush about it with someone. But none of my friends have watched Suits and Mari's texts hbeen rather slow going, so I am lost in my own cloud of excitement, without anyone to share it with. So, this is what this post is about. Me. Suits. Why I like it.

First of all, I will confess my guilty love for everything that is fancy. I've always been curious about power. I mean, I'm doing a minor in political science, the study of power, and majoring in management, aka I want to use some power. But I'm not a power-hungry tyrant at all. Nope. Zip it, Mari. I love the idea of the best; the elite. I love it in everything. I love watching sports because of that, I love just watching professors, I read random articles about why Taylor Swift killed 2014, that type of shizz. And Suits is about the best closer in New York. Mmm.

But there is another part to why I love Suits, and this is something I don't like admitting, but I'm trying to be more honest in what I write so it must be said: Suits is also about entering this world, and feeling like you don't belong. This is something many people deal with and it has a name: imposter syndrome. I've learned a lot about imposter syndrome in university, from actually experiencing it, but also to hearing my professors, and some really fabulous Google wizards in a career panel, talk about it. Mike Ross is an outsider to this world of prestige, and he doesn't feel like he belongs. Slowly, he begins to see that he belongs. And not only does he belong, he kicks ass. Mike is a genius but he was always limiting himself. I think that''s a very human lesson everyone can relate to.

Thanks to my twitterfeed, I've also noticed closely how amazing the female characters in Suits are. These women are fierce and powerful while being feminine. But, realistically, the show also shows their limitations. Jessica Pearson as a black boss of a Big Law firm is literally a goddess. She is powerful and elegant and sadly, she is a minority because there are not many female women in such high positions. The show does a wonderful job of illustrating that some of the smartest people aren't considered the best people. Rachel is a paralegal, for example, just because she can't do LSATs. And that's a shame because she's brilliant and hardworking, and completely capable of being an associate. Donna knows everything about the office and can hold her own, but she's a secretary, and her position is valued less than Harvey's even though she keeps everything together.

These women are amazing, and although there is no leading lady, I love the ladies in Suits.

But let's also talk about Mr. Spector, your typical badass, except he's really good at that position. Harvey Spector is living the life. He is rich, he is charming, good looking, and smart. And OBVIOUSLY he is a good guy that cares more than other people think. Obviously. This kind of character is such a stereotype, but Harvey Spector is someone that is intriguing either way because he's so good at this role. His role as a mentor, and a bit of a parent for Mike, produces some really heartwarming scenes. He chews Mike out and says some really harsh shit, but he says it because he cares. He is so full of bullshit while being honest, and I think I'll stop here.

What else...

Oh! The show is about corporate law! And to be honest, I think the plotline is not that great. Suits is awesome because it has very fascinating characters that are incredibly intriguing. Maybe this changes in later seasons, but I'm not watching the show to see what happens next, I'm watching it because I love Mike, Harvey, Rachel, Jessica, and Donna. Also, I really do have a thing for guys in Suits. Also, the show inspires my business outfits. Hm.

This show is my motivation for doing work. Y'all should watch it. And if you have, fangirl with me! But don't spoil anything, thank you very much.

Also, for further reading on Suits, and I warn that some of these are spoilery:
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  1. You know, for some reason, I gave up on Suits halfway through a really major arc in Season 2. I don't even know why. I think I just didn't have the time to watch it back then, and then I sort of forgot about it lol. I feel like I should definitely start watching it again though- I did actually really enjoy it haha

    1. WATCH IT AGAIN! Suits is my motivation for school at this point. I reward myself with an episode if I do enough readings. And I've fallen hopelessly for all the characters....


  2. Suits is awesome, I'm glad you're enjoying it. I've been watching it for quite a while now, so I'm glad that it's on tv again, heh.
    I've started to watch such awesome shows this year that I've actually been reading books less because I've just been binge-watching things like crazy. But it's been great, because i'm still being told a story, just in a different format, and in a different way.

    I'm also pretty sure all these tv shows are the reason my grades aren't so good. Ahh well. Enjoy Suits! I've re-watched it once or twice and I still love it.

    1. University is the reason why your grades aren't good. They make you pay just to break your heart and make you feel like an idiot... (yeah that was bitter. I'm still pro-school, believe it or not!)

      & Hannnaaaa i just finished season three and I'm not letting myself start season 4 yet and the cliffhanger is driving me insane. I'm trying to channel that energy into work, but still!


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