Discussion: Warped in Time

A discussion between Mari and P.E..

MARI: I've never been much of a time travel fan and so the majority of books that I've read which pertain to history are historical fictions that contain people from the set time period. This gives those characters the mindset of the time period as well. Time travel completely disrupts this harmony. Norms are shattered as what is acceptable in two periods crash.

Whilst reading Outlander I came upon a troubling scene that made me question what I would do in the situation. 

EX: Wife puts people in danger by stupid actions and husband is charged with the husbandly duty to punish his disobedient wife by way of a nice pelting. 

Being beaten as a punishment. Some logical part of my brain says ok, yes I understand why someone would do it. At some point in time that was the norm and deviating from it would cause more trouble than it is worth but my modern bringing up doesn't allow me to ponder it for long. I feel our current law against physical abuse is in place for a reason and I will sure as hell not let anyone pelt my arse.

Do you have any experience with clashes of culture? When in Rome will you do as the Romans? 

P.E.: I don't really read much time travel. I feel like you always know exactly where a time travel story is going to end up, and it's like a ghost story: boring to me. But yes Mari, one day I will make an exception for Outlander. Just not now.

I think I haven't read too many historicals that aren't about future queens and the biggest culture clash for them is about arranged marriages. I'm completely against them right now, but in that age, that was really the only power a princess had. Marry the right person, a treaty could be made, and a lot of good would come to her kingdom.

I guess I'm a little bit more comfortable with the idea of letting someone sacrifice themselves rather than, in your example, hurting someone. I don't have the stomach for that. I guess I don't know what I would do in Rome, I've never been there.

MARI: I've also read many stories surrounding a queen and her sacrifice for her country: marriage. I do hope everyone could marry for happiness and if that mean love then great, but love can also be created after marriage. I'm not too sympathetic to princesses who run from their "duty", as in some cases it results in war and lots of pain to the citizens (aka The Kiss of Deception). Rome is dangerous and I would totally do as the Romans to save myself.

Have you had any experiences with a clash of time and culture? What's your take?


What do you think?