The Problem With Books I Love

Reviewing is awesome. It's a medium of emptying our thoughts and feeling for a book and sharing it with other readers. This creates an awesome discussion where we can continue to look back on a book we enjoyed in the past and also create space for other books in our brain. However, this process of read, write, erase doesn't work sometimes.

I don't review every book I read because I CAN'T review some books. When I go to the keyboard, my mind freezes up, my fingers forget the letters on the keys, and I end up staring at my screen mind empty.

Thankfully, this isn't something that happens out of the blue. For me, it's a special side effect of a book hangover. I can spill my guts about all the love I feel for a book, but the beauty of talking is that I can speak all the gibberish in the world and my listener will understand that it's just my way of trying to put into words feelings that are beyond my span of vocabulary.

My reviews in my head.
Writing is different. I need to to make sense because how else are you going to see just how serious I am about my mindless gushing?

The past few months my life has been taken over my Outlander and while I read some books here and there in between, I think it would be fair to say that the series has bewitched my mind because I can't pull away. As I read each book I have a million thoughts and feelings and I write them on my Goodreads stats, then freak out a little because I don't want to spoil anyone.

I haven't written a review for Outlander, nor do I think I ever will. Just like I didn't for Harry Potter, Vampire Academy, Eon, The Bronze Horseman, The Infernal Devices, Graceling. These books are all favourites, and although I can try to put my feelings in words, those feelings are restricted to my limited vocabulary and I don't think I can do them justice. The great thing is that they are already popular and just by talking and recommending them to each other we can keep the buzz alive.

Book are awesome, just read them!



  1. Lol. We know what you mean. It's much harder to come up with a lot of words (besides "OHMIGAAAAH") when you're madly in love with a book; much easier to come up with a lot of words for rants, hahaha.

    Glad you're enjoying OUTLANDER so much!

    1. That's basically it. Ranting is fun :P Ah Outlander. At this point is more an addiction than anything else. And it's hard not to have many reactions and record them with the size of those monsters.

      P.S. I hope the Outlander-fest is rubbing off on you guys ;)



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