Life of a Blogger: Super Powers

This is a wonderful meme type post hosted by Jessi @ Novel Heartbeat. Basically, there is a topic pertaining to the blogger every Thursday. This way we can all get to know the person behind the blog.

I feel like most people would choose to fly, *cough P.E.*, but I'm scared of free falling and not having some sort of stable platform under my feet. Also, I HATE BIRDS!! They freak the bejeezus out of me. My default had always been invisibility but I figure that's too lonely, sorry Deathly Hallows Brother #3.

So... I would have to go with teleportation. I want to zap my self in and out of any situation. If I want to fly, well then teleporting into a plane should do. Also, free and fast travel! Only question is, can I teleport others and my luggage with me? If yes, then hello BAHAMAS!!


I would like to fly, like Mari said. I also wouldn't mind having elemental powers. Controlling all the elements, or even being able to make a storm appear out of nothing. That is cool. If I had to choose one element, it would be air, so I could make myself fly, and also make the objects I want float to me. Also, mini-tornadoes and stuff. ;)

What are your choices?


  1. Teleportation is probably the leading answer among the four of us. Other possibilities that we debated with high interest: mind-reading (but too much noise maybe?), being able to speak any language fluently (limited use, but big pride points), and reading really, really, really, really fast (Sarah can kind of already do this!).

    1. Those are awesome. I'm so cold up here that all my mind can think of is the Bahamas ;) I would love fast reading paired with an eidetic memory though. That would be the best. I'd forgoe the Bahamas for that :)



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