Life of a Blogger: Awesome Websites

This is a wonderful meme type post hosted by Jessi @ Novel Heartbeat. Basically, there is a topic pertaining to the blogger every Thursday. This way we can all get to know the person behind the blog.

I'm boring so here are my most used and favourite sites in the order that I recite them to myself when trying to decide what to do.

YouTube - I'm big on life vlogging (FleurDeForce), BookTube (abookutopia), Korea (Eat You Kimchi) and music and Outlander clips.
EYK - Simon and Martina (aka cool Canadians!)

Goodreads - To update my reads, see what everyone else is reading and find new books.

Twitter - This site is my go-to P.E.-stalking site, my source for world and book news.
I think P.E. will approve of this one :)

Facebook - To stalk friends and famous people. But mostly to see funny school memes.

Blogger - To write and to read.

University site -  For homework and lecture.. yuck.
Me in every lecture lol. Untrue, I promise I'm studious.


Why thank you Mari, you have left me with none of my most frequented websites, which probably starts with Twitter and stays there. So here are some websites I have visited a few times before.

Upworthy - Lots of interesting videos.

TED - More interesting videos!

YouTube - Mari mentioned this one, but I can mention different channels. Lately, I've watched lots of Ellen and randomly, I've found myself watching TIFF trailers. The trailers look so good and it's so sad that I won't get to see those films. :(

My next choice is not really a website. It's a reader, but it curates some articles from some phenomenal websites, and I really love it. I actually don't even use it on the computer (I use the app), but who cares? Digg is really a wonderful news source. It has a lot of high quality articles and I've used a lot of news apps, but it wasn't until Digg where I found one with a great choice in articles.

Speaking of news websites, The Atlantic is my favourite. There are always a handful of articles I want to read and after reading them, I am always impressed.

Next, Humans of New York  is wonderful and it's beautiful to know that everyone has a story. It humanizes people and I think that's pretty important nowadays.

Anddd I can't think of anything else because seriously, I'm always on Twitter. & yes Mari, that gif is very much appreciated ;)


  1. Mari - Youtube is fabulous! I used to spend so much time on it just watching vloggers like Fleur and book vloggers like Peruse Project. I've sorta laid off it since which is good for my eyes but occasionally I'll still go on and watch a few videos. Good for sick days! Goodreads is also a MUST. I've been known to spend hours on that site just looking for new books to read and lust after. Twitter is amazing as well! It's grown on me so much. I used to think Facebook was way better but I've since started feeling the opposite. Now I barely even use Facebook unless it's to message with my friends. That's probably the only reason I haven't deleted it yet because all my friends ahve it and any other form of communication wouldn't nearly be as convenient.

    P.E. - I don't check the TED website often but I am subscribed to their podcast which is really interesting. There are always such insightful talks that really make you think! And Humans of New York is amazing! I like the page on Facebook so I'm always seeing posts on my timeline and honestly, some of the stories are so wonderful. I love that kind of thing of bringing people together and really spreading some positivity.

    1. Completely agree, YouTube is my de-stresser. I know what you mean by Facebook. It's not as essential as it used to be but it's still quite useful. P.E. finally caved in after ignoring it for all of high school :)

      Thanks for your beautiful comment. Hope you're having a great day.



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