Cover Wars: Before & After vs. Their Fractured Light

Cover Wars is a weekly showdown of two beautiful covers. The winner, as voted by you, goes on to face a new cover, and wins bragging rights. This is basically a fun way to discuss what we like in covers.

Hey guys, it's P.E.! I'm doing this week's edition, and the cover I've picked to go against Their Fractured Light is super gorgeous. If you've followed us for a while, you'll note that I'm someone that loves high contrast, minimalist or art deco-type designs. I'm really happy that both covers this week feature very clever, intense bursts of colour. 

Aren't the colours lovely? Their Fractured Light has this ultraviolet, or should I say, radioactive, vibe going on with the iridescent purple while Before & After is a gorgeous piece of art that goes really well with the simple title font. Both of these covers are near perfection, which should make this week's battle realllly tough. 

Which cover should win Cover Wars?


  1. Their Fractured Light!! I'm in love with that cover and the book itself is one of my MOST awaited ones for this year!!

    1. I cannot wait to see it in person. It is sure to slay!



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