An Introduction to The Sirenic Codex


I'm P.E., previously from Tantalizing Illusions. You may know me from Twitter rants, Goodreads reviews, or you may not know me at all. Either way, welcome to The Sirenic Codex, mine and Mari's new book blog.

Now you may have some questions. Mari and I both already had book blogs; why are we starting a new one? Also, looking at my history, you may wonder why would I start a book blog after being such an infrequent poster?

I've always enjoyed reading but I admit, it's harder when you're a blogger. There's so much pressure to post content and that's a daunting task. Especially when you're new and not established. The first time I made a blog, I think I was a little naive. I expected that when everyone saw my content, they'd love it right away. I was expecting brilliant discussions in the comments section and I thought it would be much easier then it actually was.

I had a reasonable amount of success. I did gain a following; a few people that knew about me and that commented sometimes. This made me so incredibly happy, but I still felt like I needed more content. I needed my blog to look better; I needed better posts; I needed to be better socially. If you're an overachiever like I can be, you realize that when your goals look impossible, you tend to give up. So I took some time off and came to some pretty huge realizations.

First of all, I enjoy writing reviews. I noticed this when I kept writing about books on Goodreads and reading other peoples' thoughts. I love writing about books and how they make me feel. I also realized that I wasn't interested in just promoting books. I wanted a recollection of my honest feelings on them with the key word being 'honest'. If there is anything I've learned, it's that honesty is so important.

Mari told me how she wanted to continue blogging but wanted someone else with her. We talked and texted and mused for days before we decided to do it. A brand new blog representing a fresh start.

It's been a few days of setting up this blog and adjusting the template (do you like it?!) and I've had so much fun. It's fun to start something with a friend and know that this huge responsibility you're welcoming isn't yours to shoulder alone. We can do it together with different styles.

I feel more free now to be able to post what I like to post; reviews. Mari will bring her creativity into this blog, and together I hope we can make a site worth reading. Somewhere honest with no false pretenses. This will be our book blog with our opinions. There will be memes, features, and long, rambly reviews, and I hope you'll join us.

Welcome to The Sirenic Codex.



  1. Cool beans! We're a group blog too, and we definitely think it's easier and more fun to maintain together. :)

    1. It's been a week and I totally see where you're coming from! Thanks for following me :)



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