Top 5: 2014 Cover Reveals

It all began with me innocently browsing the Epic Reads website and noticed a very enticing title: "Winter 2014 Cover Reveals Roundup". So me being the cover junkie that I am, was quick to click on the post. Here are some of my personal favourite covers:

Cruel Beauty - Rosamund Hodge
January 28, 2014
Balzer & Bray

My Thoughts: I'm really loving this one. From the title "Cruel Beauty" to the awesome cover and synopsis, this one is definitely being added to my never ending TBR list. I love the idea of spiral stairs turning into a rose almost, very nice and original. When publishers put a little more effort into the cover then just having a good looking girl in a dress doing a pose, it really pays of well. 

Frozen - Erin Bowman
April 15, 2014
Harper Teen

My Thoughts: I've seen the first in this series, Taken, around but never really stopped to look it up. This cover though, did the job for me. I really love the colours used, it's so simple yet beautiful and also futuristic. A great portrayal of the book, I feel!

Perfect Lies - Kiersten White 
February 18, 2014
Harper Teen

My Thoughts: This one is also a sequel, to Kiersten's popular book, Mind Games which I haven't read but heard great things about. Among those great things was it's amazing cover. The sequel doesn't disappoint either in that department. The best thing about these covers is the little scenes in the background, it really catches my attention and makes me want to look closely, such a great feature. Also I love the title font, nice and simple yet perfect.

Split Second - Kasie West
February 11, 2014
Harper Teen

My Thoughts: This one is another sequel of a popular book with a beautiful cover. I love the idea of this book and the cover. Yes, it has the stereotypical girl's face YA cover, but it also  represents the story pretty fell. I also really like the title font and position. The sideways style works really well here. The rain is another great feature.

No One Else Can Have You - Kathleen Hale
January 7, 2014
Harper Teen

My Thoughts: Can morbid be cute? Well either way, I love this one. Once again, its a simple one since that seems to be my style lately. I like the moose's . The knit shirt adds a small town feel to it and maybe even has a significance in the story. I love it when a cover makes me interested in a book and this one does for sure.


What Do You Guys Think? Any Particular Favourites?



  1. Eeee, all these are so pretty! I especially like Cruel Beauty, though it would be better without that random girl running down the staircase, in my opinion. And No One Else Can Have You has that creepy feeling with that hanged reindeer.

    1. Haha, Cruel Beauty's cover is really nice but I agree with you about the girl, she is unnecessary.
      Thanks for stopping by :)


  2. I love all of these and I definitely want to read them all too. My number one want though would be Cruel Beauty just because of how much I love fairy tale retellings.

  3. Hi, Mari!

    My favorite out of all these covers is definitely the one for "Cruel Beauty", which is already on my Goodreads TBR shelf, as well as my Amazon wish list. What a GORGEOUS cover!! I liked it so much that I decided to feature it in this week's "Shelf Candy Saturday" post, on my blog, A NIGHT'S DREAM OF BOOKS! And I credited you and your blog in my post, too.

    If you'd like to come by and take a look, here's the link:

    Have a GREAT weekend!! : )


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