The Weekly Progress: Week One is Done Edition

And this wraps up The Sirenic Codex's first week! This week of hellish blog-template-editing for me is done and I can look forward to next week for some great posts.

If you're new to my posts, The Weekly Progress is a type of wrap-up post every Sunday to look back on the week that was. I'm writing this post today, but Mari may write one in the future, or we'll both collaborate on a post. 

First, let's talk books. 


Yes, this was a pretty shoddy reading week. A lot of my time was spent editing blog templates and studying. I was also reading Mystic City by Theo Lawrence which I got as an ebook edition from the library but I didn't finish it in time and it got deleted. 

Currently Reading

The Silent Deal is a book I received for review. It's about two Russian blood brothers and seems to have a very creative plot. It could be a possible gem so I'm optimistic. 

On the Blog

Mari wrote the bulk of the posts this week and she did a great job. 

First she wrote about Scarlet, a book I've never read, that apparently is amazing. She says I need to read it. I think I may have to. 

Then on Wednesday she did a WoW on Crown of Midnight. I wasn't too much of a fan of Throne of Glass, but it has a 4.15 average rating on Goodreads so I may be in the minority.  

There was also a book trailer of In The After and wow does it look great. The book and the trailer. 

My only two posts was a welcome/introduction to The Sirenic Codex and a review of Sketchy by Olivia Samms which was a nice debut to what looks to be a promising new series. I love that there were drawings in the book and Bea's voice is very distinct. Plus Sketchy has not one, but two really awesome covers. 

Current Obsessions

This part doesn't have to do much about books, but it's about what's on my mind for the week. Currently, it's music and hockey. Hockey in the sense that the playoffs are happening with the finals starting soon. My second favourite team just destroyed my least favourite team, the Penguins (sorry Mari) so there's a fair bit of schadenfreude going around. 

I've also been listening to a lot of music. Mostly house songs. Spectrum by Zedd is the newest fave, but I can never get this melody out of my head. I'll let you all enjoy it. The melody is amazing and I love John Martin's voice.

In Conclusion

This week was nice, and I'm excited for next week. We've fixed most of the kinks in the blog to this point and although next week looks awful for both of us (summative projects + exams), between the two of us we should be able to post some cool stuff. 

Thanks for reading and let me know about your book week in the comments. 



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