The Magic of Window Shopping

With the excitement that has been my life as of late I’ve come to the realization that for once the YA isles of the book store aren’t all empty of new fruits for me to plunder. Indeed I’ve actually missed many and though this makes me a little sad as it signifies my absence from books but it also excites me. There are so many more book for me to devour. One would think by 1000 book long goodreads tbr would have solved that but there is something entirely different about seeing books in a physical state. Dare I say, its magical.

So I browsed the shelves and found some of the books I'd been pining over on the blog like The Young Elites, Exquisite Captive etc.

But what really interested me was the books I'd never seen before but caught my attention. Here is my analysis:

Disclaimer: my status' are composed of brutal honesty. I'm a horribly picky person who writes off books like different flavours of ice cream (hard but do it anyway). Doesn't mean I don't end up picking up the book and hitting myself with it for being ignorant.

Evil Librarian - Michelle Knudsen

I have to say my local library has got some hot new librarians how much should we bet that they are all evil?

Status: Probably not but let's appreciate it's beauty!

The Spirit Glass Charade - Colleen Gleason

Nice glass orb thing!!! I picked this one because I like the cover... #noshame 
I now realize it is the second book in a series.

Status: This one is about Bram Stokers sister and Sherlock Holmes' niece.... will have to make room :)

Some Boys - Patty Blount

This one is definitely my kind of book. The synopsis kills me and I would really like to see how the author tackles the issue.

Status: GIVE ... IT ... TO... MEEEE

The Bodies We Wear - Jeyn Roberts

I like revenge books just as I like the show. I love this cover and damn is the synopsis amazing!

Status: Omg this is perfect!

Vango: Between the Sky and Earth - Timothee de Fombelle

How freaking cute! That cover is gold and the synopsis sounds like a boss. Not to mention the places that the protagonist travels to: Paris, Mediterranean Islands, Scottish Forests!!!

Status: For Scotland!
Did someone say Scotland!
I'm sorry... I had to :)

Have You Read or Added Any of These to Your TBR?


  1. I read The Bodies We Wear a couple of weeks ago. It was relatively good as far as revenge plots is concern. I hope you'll have the chance to read it. I really should read my copy of Evil Librarian as I keep seeing wonderful reviews on that book.


    1. I'll make sure to check out your review as I'm really intrigued about this book. I need to know more :)


  2. I always go through all the titles of the YA sections of bookstores, but I always check GR before making purchases. xD There are definitely LOTS of books that have caught my attention, though.

    Evil Librarians: I definitely LOVE that cover too, but I also probably won't be reading it...
    The Spiritglass Charade: Love the cover as well! I think book one's in my TBR, but I'm not too sure anymore. xD
    Some Boys: I'm honestly not very interested in this one. :(
    The Bodies We Wear: Also want to read this! Reviews for this have been so-so, so I'm not sure if I'll purchase it anytime soon.
    Vango: I've never seen this before but it IS adorable!

    Awesome realization, Mari. xD

  3. I've been dying to read Evil Librarians for a while, since I seen it was coming out actually. Not only the cover, but it sounds super entertaining. VANGO! Why haven't I heard of this one before? You had me at gold cover. That is cove love right there <3
    Thanks for sharing, going to check these out now :)


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