The Weekly Progress: Here Come the Tests Edition

The Weekly Progress is a type of wrap up post that happens every Sunday on The Sirenic Codex looking on the week that was.

This week was again, not the best post wise. The university work load is quite heavy, even more so now that essay topics and midterms are happening.

Books Read

I really felt like finishing a book so I read this one all the way up to midnight. It's a very important book, and you'll see why in about 15 days when my review goes up. :)

Currently Reading

I'm hoping this one will be awesome. It has a very inviting cover. The release date is quite far away, but I guess that's what NetGalley does to your reading. 

On the Blog

I'm super curious about Mari's WoW choice because I think I finished Jenna Black's Glimmerglass series and I liked them. I feel like The Gifted Dead will need a different writing style to be a good book, and I'm curious to see how Black handles it. 

Mari listened to the audiobook for Where She Went, and here's her review.

Mari also did the gif tag. She ended up tagging me too, so my post is next week. 

The Week That Was

Again, the academic week blurred by. However, I guess I've found a club I really want to join, and that would be an international relations focused club that has a lot of good ties with the UN. Model UN is something that's so new to me, just because I didn't have it in high school, but it's a lot of fun.  Currently, I'm staffing because I don't have the experience to go for delegation (seems like most of the arts faculty at my school is comprised of poli sci or intd majors) and I'm doing Crisis, which is pretty exciting and chaotic. Has anyone else done Model UN?

Song of the Week

I really like the sound that Oliver Heldens uses in his music, and it always manages to feel different, and really fresh to me. It's a more electro heavy so I don't know how much appeal it has to non-electric fans, but I really like how it's quite groovy, and soothing. Here it is, Can't Stop Playing, the Oliver Heldens & Gregor Salto Remix. 

Have a good week!



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