The Weekly Progress: Can the holidays come back? Edition.

The Weekly Progress is a type of wrap up post that happens every Sunday on The Sirenic Codex looking on the week that was.

This week was a bit like midterm week. I did two tests, and returned to school after Thanksgiving. It was nice to get the tests over with and I don't have anything coming up until next week. 

Books Read


Currently Reading

It's really hard to get into this book because I feel like the explanations have been poor. The world building is confusing and it's hard distinguishing the characters. I wish the story would stop being mysterious with so many references to the past and let me get to know the characters. 

On the Blog

Frankly, I think we could have a better week and I know a lot of that is that I haven't been writing much. I have since written two posts I think are pretty good, so I hope you enjoy them soon!

 The Week That Was

It's hard to believe that I was home last week, because I was, and it was nice except for the fact that I was terrified of my upcoming midterm. I studied more than enjoyed the holidays, and I'm sad that fall semester only has one day off, and that was it. I guess I'm looking forward to winter break! I think I'm getting three weeks off, and it should be great. 

Song of the Week

I listened to lots of music this week, but this is the current song I'm listening to. It's a song everyone has probably heard by now, but it's fun and the music video is cute. :)

Have a good week!


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