Cover Wars: Neurotica vs. Tell Me You Love Me

Cover Wars is a weekly showdown of two beautiful covers. The winner, as voted by you, goes on to face a new cover, and wins bragging rights. This is basically a fun way to discuss what we like in covers.

Sorry about the late post. This week we have Tell Me You Love Me by Julie Prestsater, last week's winner, versus Neurotica by Eliza Gordon.

These covers exemplify the best of contemporary covers. They are clean and simple with vivid splashes of colour. They're both focused on a dark object on top of a white background, and the objects themselves, whether paper-ripped people or a typewriter and a duck are charming. The use of font is also quite spectacular: Neurotica uses standard courier-type, which fits with the typewriter, and Tell Me You Love Me has a lovely, clean serif as the font for the title. Either way, these are both examples of minimalism done right!

As always, you have one week to vote for your favourite!

Let the Cover Wars begin!

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  1. Thank you so much for the consideration! I love this idea and I just love your thoughts on each of our covers! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Muah! Julie


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