Instagram: Whoever Said Midterms Mean Study Time?


I can end the chitter chatter at that title. The title explains everything. 

I wish I was you....



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After the crazy week that it's been, I want to highlight the beauty of this gorgeous city. Downtown skyline. I'm not sure how I'm going to be able to chase the dream list if all I talk about is this place.

Someone's been to the Scholastic Book Fair. Those were my absolute favourite in elementary school. One year they were even selling ... gasp* Twilight!!

P.E. is a bit of a clutz when it comes to her belongings so I was totally with her when she thought this book was damaged. Except I thought she was the perpetrator. All's well it's the cover design, love it!

I was sitting in the third row and I'm sure the professor saw me squeal. I'm such a nerd...

No P.E. what you need is something much, much stronger ---> crème brûlée?

You may think I'm shamelessly promoting the blog but what I'm actually doing is flaunting my baby. Meet Baby, he has a new rainbow dress! Handsome, no?

So I went to the library to "study". Note the textbook in the bottom, I had it all planned out :)

 By far my favourite of the week. Two of my new favourite things. Outlander + Scotland = tartan. Yes I went out wearing that and flaunted it quite proudly.

How's Your Picture Taking, Memory Making Week Been?


P.S. Anyone else on Instagram? I'm super addicted and would love to know!


  1. Ooo, pictures! We like pictures. :)

    (Especially when our brains are tired... Lol.)

    1. I feel you! So drained, let the holidays commence already.



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