Movie Reviews: Dracula Untold

This review may be a ruse for me to share lots of close ups :)

I am not a fan of Dracula, I have no interest in the classic and don't want to read it, final. I watched Dracula Untold because it was the only other movie that looked good and boy was it good.

Welcome to Transylvania, a small kingdom forced into treaties with the Warring Turks in order to survive. The last king promised to send Transylvanian boys to serve in the Turkish army in exchange for their independence. Among those boys was Prince Vlad, the impaler. Raised among his enemies and trained as a killing machine he won many battles for the Turks. When he returns to his land he vows for peace but it’s not long until the Turks are back and they don’t want peace. How far will he go to protect his loved ones?

Vlad (Luke Evans) was serious eye candy, I loved his accent and his acting was amazing. The movie didn’t spend too much time on him and his wife’s relationship but you could see his love for her and their son. We all love to read and watch stories about the noble man who will go to any extent to protect their family. This is one of those movies and heck was it entertaining. I may have choked up by the end but it was that great.

I went in blind and am still blind, I don’t know if the story by Bram Stoker had anything to do with the Turkish (doubt it) but this one sure added a lot of that and I’m not complaining. Honestly, if you love a hero, a romance, with lots of action; try this one.



  1. This sounds absolutely awesome! Definitely not what I'm expecting. :)

    1. It was so much fun. Romance, action and fantasy kind of the package deal :)


  2. I've been wondering if I should go see this one, mostly because of Luke Evans and because it sounds like a fantastic retelling of the classic mixing it a bit more with the history that could have led to the leyend!


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