Movie Review: Snow White and the Huntsman

Recently, I'm really into movies with great fantastical graphics. Movies like 300, Dracula Untold, Pompeii. I'm been thinking about watching Snow White and the Huntsman for a while and so I finally did. The cinematography looked quite similar to what I was expecting and craving, but the story and the execution was very very different.

I’m glad I watched this one on Netflix because at some point I started to fast forward so I could see the end and be done with it. The story of Snow White is almost a cliche now. We all know it and have seen it played out inside our heads so many times that it's hard to impress. This movie had a different visual take on the story and I enjoyed the narration in the beginning about the three drops of blood and the spell. However, that may have been the only creative element. Everything that came after felt out of place and didn't impress.

There were really three reasons why I watched this movie in the first place.
  1. I like Chris Hemsworth.
  2. I wanted to see if Kristin Stewart has improved.
  3. The cinematography, graphics and special effects looked awesome.
Sadly, no matter how much one like Chris Hemsworth, if the movie’s plot and dialogue has no oomph, good looks can’t help too much. Same goes towards the cinematography that was pretty impressive. It was nice on the eyes but the same could not be said of the acting and the story.

Kristin and I have had a love hate relationship for a long time. I enjoyed Twilight but I never really liked Bella Swan in the movie. Why? Well, I notices Kristin’s awkwardness. It was understandable as Bella, because that is very similar to Bella's personality. But it seems that it's something Kristin can't shake off. She is awkward and carries it to all her roles and that just doesn’t work for me. The other problem with that is, I see Kristin playing a role, her acting never allows me to fall into the story and see a character. 

Overall, this was a disappointment. There just wasn't much development or anything special to keep me interested.



  1. Wow! I watched this one yesterday with my mom and I was thinking the same. I didn't even like the almost-romance, neither Kristin. *sighs* that's too bad!

    1. Yeah, it was just a disappointment. On the bright side I'm watching Once Upon A Time the TV show and that's pretty great :)

  2. Hm, we enjoyed it more than you did -- especially the art direction and cinematography! -- but yeah, there were some frustrating story choices.

    1. I tried to enjoy this one.. but it seams Kristin Stewart and I just don't get along :)



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