The Weekly Progress: Almost Done First Semester

The Weekly Progress is a type of wrap up post that happens every Sunday at The Sirenic Codex looking on the week that was.

Hi guys, I got back from brunch at a cool crepe/comic place, and I figured it's a good time to check in. In terms of reading, it's been slow for stuff out of school because school is literally taking over all my time. I should be studying right now, btw. But at least classes end soon... 

Currently Reading

I've read the first chapter and I'm so ready to run away, wild and free like those girls. 

On the Blog

We have lots of movie reviews coming up! First, Snow White and the Huntsman. 

In a fit of homesickness, I wrote this

Whatcha waitin' on? Mari picks the newest Mass book!

I'm sure I've missed a lot because I haven't been doing TWPs lately. I want to say that will change, but I think I first need to catch up on school so I'm doing less drowning and more treading. 

The Week That Was

My update on school is that I'm starting to get to a point where there's a lot of work and stuff, but I'm able to enjoy school. Many of my classes are quite practical, and if they're not (like political theory), they're super fascinating and make me feel like I'm bettering myself by reading important texts from important people. 

I also really like my profs. Thank you "" for everything you do. I didn't pick any easy classes but I picked profs that are quite good. I'll leave you guys with a question: is it better to have a great subject and meh prof, or a meh subject and great prof? I'm firmly on the latter's side. 

Song of the Week

Eminem pisses me off. I love this song. I love the message, I love how empowering it is, I love Sia, I love the rapping and flow, whatever. I hate that Eminem also acts like a misogynist. At the end of the song he says don't take people's bullshit, and so here it is: Fuck you Eminem. Get your shit together. That "rape whistle" line in Vegas is utter bullshit and you should know better. I'll still listen to this song because of Sia and I love the song, but seeing the artist pull that crap irritates me. I should mention that I like Eminem's really popular songs, but I can't say I like him just because he pulls a lot of stuff like this. 

But anyway, here's Guts Over Fear, one of my favourite songs in recent memory. 

Have a great week!



  1. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying your classes & teachers. I use ratemyteacher a lot and while the opinions don't always align with my own, it is useful just to get an idea generally what people think of a teacher. And the question you asked is really interesting bc I'm in a situation right now where I LOVE the class so much bc it's something I find genuinely interesting but the teacher just isn't great at all. Actually INSUFFERABLE. Horrible teacher and kinda an asshole of a person as well. And the thing is I want to take a class really badly next year but he teaches it and honestly, I think I'd rather not take the class than have to be taught by him again. Anyway, I think if you have a good teacher though, you'll be able to learn a lot even if it isn't such a fascinating course so definitely better teacher over a better course!

    1. That's exactly it. I've been in a similar position (and the opposite situation where sucky class + great teacher) and I guess what I've gotten out of it is that if you love something, you can learn it on your own. I can read about middle eastern politics or ancient Persian history on my own. The teacher is supposed to add something to a class, and if they're not doing that, then the class ain't worth it,

      I've found ratemyprof works way better in university because there are literally hundreds of students taking a class at the same time so there is a variety of opinions.

      Cool to see your opinion!


  2. Good teachers are really important, but if the subject is not something you are interested in... well, I guess a good teacher can make it great too. But most definitely not a subject you care for with a horrible professor, because they can make you hate the class!

    1. Yeah, that's totally. I used to love drama, and then I realized I hated high school drama class and was stuck with a teacher I didn't connect with (and I usually adore all my teachers). It pretty much ruined the subject for me and I have never taken a drama class since.



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