The Best Snack to Eat With Books

We here at The Sirenic Codex are hard hitters. We cover all the most essential issues pertaining to your reading needs. But it has come to P.E.'s attention lately that we have faltered, leaving our poor readership without the answer to a significant question. What is the best snack to eat while reading?

Now, snacks are messy, food don't go with books, blah blah blah, nope. As busy people, we need to multitask as much as possible, which means we always eat and read. But what is the best food that complements a book? Let us delve into this age-old mystery.

Chocolate Covered Almonds

What is life?

These delicacies are P.E.'s current favourite thing, and this is no exaggeration. P.E. has written a (terrible) poem about how yummy they are.

Dark ovals
Round plump

Cream and almond
Sweet and rich
Yum, youre mine

One for fingers
Two for taste

Infinite loops
Quarter more
I don't care 

It's a food! Can you not feel the passion? These dark chocolate almonds are the PB to the a book's jam. They snack sized, not too messy, unless you leave them out in the sun then drop them on your bed, and utterly addictive. 

Hot Chocolate

The wind is howling, the snow is falling, and you are curled up in bed, with a lovely soft blanket, about to begin your book. What could make this scene better? Hot chocolate! Hot cocoa has to be a book lover favourite. It's warm and toasty, and it's only really comparable to tea in terms of how awesome it is. Plus, it's chocolate, and if you can't tell already, this post is written by P.E. the chocoholic. 


So what if you don't want something rich and sweet? Maybe you're into cheesy, spicy, salty, crunchy goodness. Maybe chips float your boat. In any case, chips are some of the most eatable foods. They come in a handy bag, which is super easy to open and prop on your bed/counter. They win for convenience, plus they're super cheap with billions of flavours. P.E.'s favourite has to be the super spicy black-bagged Doritos. But maybe you're more of a Lays gal. The choice is yours!


Maybe you're like me, buying dairy products to appease your parents because you never drink milk. Or maybe some people genuinely like yoghurt, it's tough to know. But it is snack sized, and like a lesser version of a smoothie, so it has to have some sort of appeal...

Milk n Cookies

The classic. I indulge in milk and cookies quite often. In fact, milk and cookies/cake/muffins are pretty much the only thing I buy at grocery stores. Milk and cookies bring healthy refreshment to reading. They're fun, easy to acquire, and they always taste good. 

Now that you have your choices, it's time to vote! Which snack is the best with a book? Vote, or if you have another idea, choose 'other' and share your thought!


  1. My fave snack to eat when reading is similar to P.E.'s but instead of chocolate covered almonds it's chocolate covered peanuts! I also like snack bars and mix trail. As for drinking, if I'm having a relaxing afternoon, I'd go for some tea or hot chocolate, if not, just water!

    1. Chocolate covered notes and small stuff in general is amazing. It's so easy to eat. & the hot drink and the book is a classic. :)


  2. I can't snack and read at the same time! Is that weird?

    1. Nope, not weird. I think I'm just generally hungry all the time and reading is my "break" from school so I try to do as much as possible with the time.



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