Tag - Book That Have Stayed With Me

This is easy! Done.

Kidding... Kind of :)

Thank you Ariella from Secrets of Words for tagging us! I can't wait to share with you guys some of the best books in history!

I'm one of those people who has a very strong memory of books. Sadly, this talent doesn't extend to textbooks so I'm not sure how useful it is for life but heck is it fun to reminisce of favourite books.

In order of when I read them. These books have effected my life and my tastes in books.

I cheated with only eight books (10 books tag), but each and everyone of these books hold a special place in my heart. 
  1. Harry Potter ignited my love for reading.
  2. Perfect Chemistry introduced me to YA romance.
  3. Fire blew my mind with the creativity and richness of Fantasy. 
  4. Last Sacrifice, was the book I pinned for the longest, it was my first fangirl experience. 
  5. The DUFF gave me a taste of brutal honesty and the beauty of friendship. 
  6. Eona brought back my love for Mulan and strong females. 
  7. Where She Went shattered by heart and then walked on it with spiky boots. 
  8. The Bronze Horseman reminded me of my love for travel, history and true love.
And now I tag:
... whomever wishes to do this tag. I love you all (really, I take such declarations seriously).



  1. I really need to read The Bronze Horseman. It's a massive book, though! So daunting. Lol.

    1. It is but once you get past the beginning and become engrossed in the story you won't even notice its length.


  2. Honestly, I think Harry Potter would be on the majority of people's lists for this tag! It's such a generation defining series.

    1. Definitely, I can't imagine life without it. Which is crazy because it's just a book but so true.


  3. Ahh.. The Vampire Academy series and the Perfect Chemistry series are probably one of the first few YA books I read. It probably shaped my tastes in books and they'll probably forever stay in my memories that way. Great list, Mari!


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