The Weekly Progress: Essay in Progress Edition

The Weekly Progress is a type of wrap up post that happens every Sunday on The Sirenic Codex looking on the week that was.

I actually didn't plan to start this post right now (Saturday night). I'm currently in the process of writing an essay. I was about to go to bed and decided I needed some fun, and if I don't write about something other than Hamlet right now, I'll probably dream about it (ick). So, this is my relaxation time: some good music, and a rambly blog recap.

Books Read

I only read one book this week, which I realize is embarrassing considering the amount of time I had. (Time I should have spent on my essay... ) This one was very interesting, however, and featured Norse mythology which I knew nothing about, so I had fun with it. 

Currently Reading

I was originally attracted to this book because of the Toronto background. It is incredibly rare to get books set in Canada, so I get disproportionately excited when I find one. I'm a little surprised to see how low the Goodreads average is (3.05) and so far, the writing is a little strange and I have no idea what's going on, but it's not bad. Hopefully, it will click for me. This book was on Cover Wars for Tantalizing Illusions a while back and I always try to read Cover Wars books. 

Blog Recap

I think this was a good week. It started with a review of The Pledge, another Cover Wars nominee. The cover was the best part of the book I was disappointed.

Mari did a WoW and picked Forget Me. I had never heard of the book before, but I agree, the synopsis sounds cool.

Finally, I reviewed a book I did like: The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black! 

Mari wrote a really great post about her motivation behind reading. I love it. 

We finished off the week with a discussion about love triangles. So far, we've seen some pretty interesting reactions from commentators.

I think it was one of our most balanced weeks, in terms of contribution. Hope you guys enjoyed it!

The Week That Was

The world is funny. When I'm busy, I'm always complaining about it. There's no time to get anything done. When I do have time though, I do my best to relax in it and enjoy the feeling, which results in me losing track of when my essay is due until I have only a few days more to write it. Either way, I feel like I should have done more this week and I didn't. That's disappointing, but it's something I'll try to learn from. 

This upcoming week will be busy-ish. I'm going to a Sens game tomorrow (or by the time you guys are reading, today), which I'm incredibly pumped for. Lauren Oliver is also coming on Monday! If there are any questions you want Mari and I to ask her, leave a comment!

Song of the Week

More like Song of the Day because I only discovered this today, but I've played it enough to last a week. No really, I think I might be in the midteens to early twenties. I love it. I've always heard a lot about Tiesto but for some reason, I never listened to him until I was looking at remixes for Stay the Night by Zedd. This is by far my favourite. I love what it does to the song: it adds so much power, and all the melodies and that wicked base line is incredible. And it's oh so catchy. It might make it into my favourites, the way I've been constantly been listening to it. So here it is: Tiesto's Club Life Remix of Stay the Night by Zedd feat. Hayley Williams. 

Have an amazing week! 



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