The Weekly Progress: I Thought It Was Sunday Edition

The Weekly Progress is a type of wrap up post that happens every Sunday on The Sirenic Codex looking on the week that was.

Okay so it's not a Sunday. It's a long weekend, and because Labour day is the last day before resuming school, for all intents and purposes, it is a Sunday. In fact, the spirit of this nostalgic day is that of a Sunday, so I see no reason that I can't write a TWP post now.

It's been a while guys. Now, the reading part of this list is shameful. Sorry.

Books Read


Currently Reading

Currently reading is a bit of a stretch because I haven't started this one yet. Welp. 

On the Blog

So Mari went on vacation and wants you to help her pick what books to read. Help a girl out?

I reviewed State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Rose Clinton Yeah, I know this blog might not be the best audience for that sort of read, but remember, I know nothing about politics and my review reflects that.

Also, because apparently all my reviews go up this week, I reviewed The 5th Wave! And I liked it!

So what do you do when suddenly, you move away from your co-blogger? You do some long-distance blogging.

Finally, I reviewed Otherbound, and there are some strengths and weaknesses. Still, I think most would enjoy reading it. 

The Week That Was

I have lived in residence for a full week. I have finished orientation, and I did frosh. Tomorrow, I'll go to my first university class (at 2:30 so I can stay up and write this post!). I can honestly say that this week has been one of the most hectic weeks of my life. I have met many new people and experienced different parts of life. I've even visited home once. A lot of it is a big adjustment, like the walking and the lack of food. 

Apparently, some other universities have this thing where you gain 15 pounds. At my school, you lost fifteen pounds because it's downtown Montreal so you walk everywhere and there are ridiculously big hills and overpriced cafeteria food. On the otherhand, I'm getting extremely fit!

The biggest adjustment has to be the social attitude. I'm not with my parents anymore and people are different here, in good and bad ways. Some people do things I don't really do, like party every night, drugs, get drunk for fun. Still, many people are incredibly fascinating with incredibly diverse backgrounds. I love how international my school is, and I love meeting people. In fact, I have a hard time saying no to events, so that's why I've been out every night except two of eight, exploring Montreal or hanging out with my floormates until 11. 

Ahh, the college life. Does the compulsion to socialize and make friends ever go away?

Song of the Week

I haven't listened to many tracks, so I was super lucky when I checked out my Soundcloud feed a few minutes ago and this came up. It's an awesome song, and it has so much energy. It's very similar to Skrillex's earlier very popular stuff, I think, but I think it is a little more melodic. Either way, I very much like F.O.O.L.'s remix of Designer Drugs- Drugs Are In Control. A little electro goes a long way in life.

Hope you all had a great weekend!



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