The Weekly Progress: Moving On Edition

 The Weekly Progress is a type of wrap up post that happens every Sunday on The Sirenic Codex looking on the week that was.

This week definitely had its moments. I think my favourite part had to be going to the Google Career panel, and just learning about the company, then watching my first hockey game in ages. Ages. And my team won! Anyway, on to the books.


I've been reading this book for a while. I've decided to stop. It just didn't interest me in any way, and the fact that I could reading Perfect Lies in one night, but this one never, is a big deal.

Currently Reading

This one seems very dark and gritty, and generally awesome, so I'm hoping this one can capture my attention and pull me out of my reading slump.

On the Blog

I usually don't mention Cover Wars in this section, but this time I will because we're using a new poll widget after the last one started glitching. So you should vote, and let us know if you like the new poll widget!
For WoW, Mari picked another Cori McCarthy book! Based on the cover or synopsis, I didn't know whether I would want to read this book because these type of stories generally require really good authors. The Color of Rain was super good, so I'm totally looking forward to this one! I'm so glad Mari featured this one. :)

Another Thursday, another edition of Thursday Thoughts! We talk about endings, the power of words, and authors that confuse their readers.

Did you know one of the it books of the year's author, Rosamund Hodge, wrote a novella set in the same world that was like the Cinderella story? Now you do!

Mari went on a trip and found some YA settings.

The Week That Was

Monday and Tuesday were really irrelevant. All the fun stuff happened on Wednesday. I went to a career panel by Google, and I learned that if I want to work at Google, it's necessary to know how to program in some way. Hopefully, I'll be learning some more of that. Still, I thought the panel was great at informing people of what sort of company Google is and how it's like working for them. I was impressed, and of course there office was very cool.

I also did some more exploring yesterday and went to two places: Jean-Talon market, which is huge and pretty good in terms of price. I would have bought actual food if I had a kitchen. Also, I went to Dorchester Square, which is a very nice area in the middle of downtown Montreal.

I would have included pictures, except I took some very shoddy pictures.

Song of the Week

Calvin Harris is pretty good at making hits. His songs feature unique vocals that he later augments with cool melodies. I really like this song, and I can see why it's a huge hit. I've been away from radio and music so I didn't hear it when it first came out. What do you think?

Have an awesome week!




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