Discussion: Our Reading Futures

A discussion between P.E. & Mari.

Mari: This summer marks our entrance into the "real world", whatever that's supposed to be, and it makes me wonder, what does this mean for our reading choices? Do you wish to continue reading YA lit or are you starting to branch out? Do you think there is a certain age for certain books and is there a type that may have once suited you but you don't think it will from now on?

P.E.: Absolutely. You've noticed that I've given stories I think are light very low ratings because I'm looking for a certain level of complexity in what I read. I do wish to continue reading YA, but I'm also hoping to branch out into some adult fic, with some stories that make me think about the world. I won't read any more of the "rich kid" chick lit stuff even though I used to be a big fan. I'm also not really the biggest fan of reading books about kids much younger than me, so I'm reading around my age (17). How about you?

Mari: I tried many types of books over the years and I think at this point I've come to realize what I enjoy. I will not be reading any freshman year books about just going into high school. Those stories don't appeal to me anymore. Been there, done that; I'm moving on. I like a certain level of "lightness" in my reads but it's not the same for fantasy. I don't much like light paranormal romance stories and don't think I will continue with them. I also want to delve into the adult genre a little, I'm very interested in the fantasy and historical romances. I also want to read more classics, hopefully at least one a year. Mostly I want to branch out and become more diverse. Is there a certain genre you're interested in trying?

P.E.: I'm interested in trying more books about real life. I want to hear real stories about power, success, fame, fortune, danger. I want to be inspired by real people. I guess I'm at a point in my life where I'm realizing that everything I wanted isn't some kind of pretend fantasy. I can actually do a lot of what I want, and I want to explore the wonders of this world, not just a fantasy world. I want to explore memoirs, biographies, and the such. Also, even better if the story is one of those that is deep and inspirational. Is that weird?

Mari: I think HRC is getting to you! Haha I guess its not weird. I personally am not ready to leave my fantasy world. I read articles and such on the side and that's my dose of reality and I'm happy with that. Reading is for pure enjoyment. But that's just the different type of readers that we are. I read to journey out of myself for a bit and enjoy something different. You may do the same but you also look for inspiration in your books.

P.E.: Hmm maybe. I still haven't finished it though. It's such a looonng read. 

There's a fair bit of this going on, too. 

I think in general, I want everything I do to have meaning. I mean, I want to be entertained, and I want to escape. But I'm also looking for books that transcend entertainment and turn into actual experiences for me, from which I can learn from and come back to. Although I don't think that's my reading future. However, I seldom have a list of books to read if it isn't an ARC, so it's not like I'll be ditching YA anytime soon.

Mari: I second that. We both plan on expanding our reading spectrum and growing but staying with YA for the most part.

What's In Your Reading Future?


  1. To be honest, I don't think I've really thought about my reading future! I have noticed starting this year that I've been reading a lot more adult epic fantasy and scifi novels, but I think that's mostly because I joined a SFF book club on GR and they've been introducing me to all these awesome books :)

    I've always read pretty widely, and I don't intend for that to stop! I'm quite a mood reader, so I guess I'll just go where my reading tastes take me :P

    1. Gotta love us mood readers because it takes us anywhere and everywhere. I think your good to go. I wish I had the determination to join a group and actually follow along with the reading, that's sure to bring so many new books to my attention.


  2. Hmm, my reading future? That's a difficult question! I haven't really thought of it, because I'm old(ish) now and feel like my reading habits have solidified into what I'm going to stick with for the time being at least. I read YA, middle grade (when I want something light), and adult too.

    I have to recommend a few books to you guys, I hope you don't mind! But at your age and also what you want from a book, I want to share a book that just impacted me bc it made me realize I do like to read adult fiction when I was in high school. It's called The Unbearable Lightness of Being. It's fantastic! I hope u give it a try :) and Mari, idk if you've read the Parasol Protectorate Series by Gail Carriger? But it's awesome and if you haven't maybe check it out! It's steampunk fantasy, but adult (it feels like you're reading ya though).

    -Dee @ Dee's Reads

    1. We loooveee book recommendations, keep them coming! I'll make sure to check those out thank you!

      As for the solidification of reading habits I'm beginning to think that it never happens. We find things we like and enjoy them but then there is always new things that catch our attention and we start to deviate from our original preferences. A change of taste. (This is all coming from the fact that I had a sudden change of heart on ripped jeans. FYI I've decided I like them now :P)


  3. Great topic!

    It's very normal for people to "read up." 10 year olds like Middle Grade; 13 year olds like YA; 17 year olds (like you!) start looking to adult fic. We all like to know what's coming. And like you said, reading younger can sometimes give a "been there, done that" feel.

    Funny enough, though, the 4 of us all discovered and honed in on the YA world in our adulthood. Maybe it's just because we didn't grow up with it... or maybe it's because YA is such a wide-spanning category that there are stories for all types and all ages.


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