Day 11: The Best of P.E.

Day 11 of April's awesome challenge. I'm totally late by now.

Anyway, here's the recap:

Day 11's topic asks me to pick my best 5 blog posts. 

The Sirenic Codex is a little bit new (and some of my favourite posts haven't been posted yet) so I'm going to include some posts from Tantalizing Illusions, my old blog too. These posts are picked in no particular order. 

Melina Marchetta; the books that hurt makes this list because I've been very happy with the feedback it has received. It's even number one on the most viewed posts on TSC even though it was posted ages ago. I wrote it in one shot and it's a bit of a tribute to Melina Marchetta with a little bit on books that speak to me as a reader. 

One of the longer, if not the longest, posts I ever wrote was about opinions. It started out about the Internet, and morphed into this post that touches on a variety of issues. It's rambly, long, and I think I even disagree with myself in a few different places looking back. It's a post I tried hard to get right. I'm not sure I did, but I think it was important for me to write it. 

When I was burnt out with blogging, I wrote what I think is my best review ever yet. I read Crash and Burn by Michael Hassan and unexpectedly, ended up loving it. I wrote a super long review (the more I write, the better it is) and it was a passionate review in which I completely forgo the usual format I have. I also rediscovered my love of blogging and writing through that review. 

I like to have a little bit of fun when I write and my post about book amnesia was meant to be a little ridiculous. What stands out about this post for me was talking to one of my RL friends and she said she thought this post was great and laughed when she read it. That kind of compliment means a lot to me, to hear people actually enjoy what I write. 

This last post is just super nostalgic. I don't know if it's one of my best, but it's probably among the better ones. I was just wondering if I would always continue to read YA, even when I'm older. 

So these are my five "best" blog posts. I have to say, I love this challenge. I looked back on a lot of the stuff I did, especially on Tantalizing Illusions, and it made me very proud. I had a lot of cool posts. Maybe they weren't frequent enough and I noticed some grammar mistakes now that even now drive me a little insane, but I'm happy to do this. It's weird to look back at the stuff you wrote. It makes you think about just how far you've come. 

I also find it hilarious that all my favourite posts are long, and even my post about favourite posts is long. 

Anyway, thanks for sticking with me and have a great day!



  1. So glad to see your review for Crash and Burn; after you commented about it, I wondered if you had shared your thoughts on it. Off to read that!

    1. I hope now my really rambly comment makes some sense :P Yeah, it was a book I enjoyed a lot. I was super interested in reading your opinion about it.



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