Day 7: Blogging Quirks

15 Day Book Blogger Challenge hosted by April at Good Books and Good Wine.

Here's a recap of the previous days: 

Day 7 asks about blogging quirks.

I'm not sure if anything I do is particularly quirky because it all makes perfect sense to me, but who knows, right? 

One thing is that I never write reviews on the computer. I alternate between mobile devices. For a while, I would write reviews on my iPod's notes app. Then, I got a new phone and switched to ColorNotes (which is an awesome app). Now I have another phone, so I switched again to reviews on Google Keep (another note app). I enjoy using Keep the most because everything syncs online so I can write on my phone and then open it up on the computer. Originally, I wrote on my iPod because I didn't have the unlimited access to the computer I wanted for reviews. I write them as soon as I finish reading the book so it drives me insane to wait (maybe that's another quirk?). It became a habit and now I'm just more comfortable writing reviews that way. 

I use the word "but" way too much in my writing. It's ridiculous. I've tried to add some 'howevers' and 'althoughs' but (hehe) it doesn't change the fact that I use those kind of contrary statements too often. 

A review must have at least five paragraphs. If I can't think of five paragraphs of content, then I don't review the book. 

When picking which other links to read from a linky list, I use and get numbers and visit blogs based off that. 

I hate formatting posts but love editing the blog's design. I'd love to create my own blog design someday.

I can't think of anything else to add and I've rambled on enough. What are your quirks?



  1. Wow, I find it incredible that you type reviews on mobile devices instead of your computer! Personally, I could never do that because my phone's keyboard is WAY too small, and the small screen annoys me to death. You've go talent, girl. ;) And I think everyone can relate to your second "quirk"! For me, I use the word "definitely" too often. Every comment I type (and every review) would have it, and I try to use something else, but sometimes other words just don't mean the same thing.

    All those other quirks are strange (except the part - lot of people use that method too), but they're what makes you who you are - that sounded too cheesy, hah - so you should embrace them. :)

    1. It's probably not that great for you... I find most font to be way too huge nowadays. I'm surprised at how common the thing is. I honestly thought no one else did that.

      And aww thanks! I agree though. The only thing that separates one blog from another is the blogger, so having a unique approach is a positive.


  2. Can't believe you type everything on a mobile! I can only blog on the computer-I need the bigger screen, whether I'm writing a review or commenting on someone's posts. Can't do any of that on my phone.


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